Old IH Snow Blade hydraulic angling kit

Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:11 am

Hey folks. Up for a new set of questions? There used to be a hydraulic angling kit for the 42" and 54" IH snow blades. Part number - 190-378-100. Contained within this kit were two angling brackets - part numbers 703-0594 IH 223349 (large diameter ram), 703-0589 IH-223346 (large diameter ram), or IH 61900 (Small diameter ram), and IH 106812 (Small Diameter Ram).

No, my 1200 Cub Cadet does not have hydraulics, but I do have a couple of extra electric actuators with 1/2" diameter holes on each of the eye ends that I intend to use for my project.

In a nutshell, I want to use the electric actuators in place of the hydraulic rams to lift and angle the snow blade from the driver's seat.

I need to know which part numbers would come closer to fitting into the electric actuators, what the size of the bracket pins might be, and if anyone might have any they'd like to sell. I know the selling part should be on the For Sale/Wanted to buy section, and I'll put something there later once I find out what I really need.

Once again, thanks for all your help. This little tractor is coming around very nicely now. If this oppressive heat would ever let up I might be able to enjoy things a bit more. :twisted: :lol:

Re: Old IH Snow Blade hydraulic angling kit

Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:33 am

Well, I managed to get my hands on some genuine IH angling brackets. I do have a minor problem in that the pins for the eyelets are 5/8" in diameter, and my eyelets are 1/2" diameter.

Time to get the grinder out and touch the new brackets up some. All the wiring is completed and tested. Now for the brackets, and mounting the electric actuators for testing that part.

Oh yeah. The Johnny Bucket Jr. works great on the Cub Cadet 1200. Hope to have photos up soon. Where's that camera cable? ;)

Re: Old IH Snow Blade hydraulic angling kit

Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:08 am


Looking forward to the pics for this modified kit. I know there hasn't been too much activity in the thread, mostly cause I think you are travelling in unfamiliar territory...... :? :)

Re: Old IH Snow Blade hydraulic angling kit

Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:22 am


Yeah, I know the path to unfamiliar territory all too well. One of these days my curiosity will get the better of me for it too.

But, if you don't try, then you don't learn. I've heard the old saying about blazing a trail. I've added a bit to this: When you're blazing a trail, stop every now and then to check and see if the trail has caught up to your backside. Sometimes that smell is the backside of your pants on fire! :lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

The hydraulic angling was an available option on many of the Cub Cadets with hydraulics. Many of those green garden tractors had them too from what I've found out. All I'm really doing is replacing the hydraulics with electric actuators and accomplishing the same task. Since this model Cub Cadet has a 15 amp alternator, this is more than enough "umph" to run the actuators. We shall see.

Re: Old IH Snow Blade hydraulic angling kit

Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:29 pm


I am constantly amazed at the quality of the IHCC units. They are just superior to most of the other models I see even the older stuff. I am really impressed. But the other thing that gets me going I guess is how these machines be they Cubs or the CC's, they seem to instill a need for us to play with making them better/more useful/more fun to play with or whatever one wants to call it. I like the creativity that they seem to inspire.

I was out looking at a pair of Massey-Ferguson MF12 Lawn/Garden tractors. 12hp Tecumseh engines.. interesting I guess but kinda clunky. Nice thing was the 90 degree gearbox on the mowers and the snow thrower. However I was looking at the snowblade setup. Rinky dinky... used a 3/8" maybe steel rod to push/pull the blade from 45 degree angle to straight to 45 degree. Very chintzy setup. I was looking at it with a chum and we walked away from it as a waste of money. When the guy told me he paid $1,600.00 for the pair last year, I just about choked on my coffee :roll: :shock: He was asking $650.00 for the pair with the two mowers, blade and the snow thrower. Even that was too much for the condition. These things left me kinda cold.. there was no I wanna take that home and fix it itch at all.... :roll: :big give up:

Re: Old IH Snow Blade hydraulic angling kit

Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:43 am

Little bit of an update: One of my neighbors came by with my newly welded scrape blade.

I had the Cub Cadet out testing the mounted Johnny Bucket Jr. He was oggle-eyeing my Cub Cadet so bad I decided to let him drive it. What the heck was he going to break? :shock: :roll:

He drove it around the yard, and came back all smiles. You should have heard him say "Wheeeeeeee" when I told him to put it in 3rd gear and he let the clutch out. That thing scooted across the yard lickity-split! When he came back, all he could say was, "dang" in between grinning from ear to ear.

He now has the angling brackets, and he is going to cut the old over-sized mounting pins off, and replace them with welded correct sized mounting pins. I'm all but through with painting the IH scrape blade, and I'll be ready to prime and paint the angling brackets. Now then, if this heat would back off into the 80's I can work on that part of the project. This 95+ degree heat is way too much for me to work in. :twisted: