QA36A Snow Thrower Part Dimensions Needed

Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:19 am

My buddy Gord Trail has been restoring his QA36A for the last couple of years. Extended time in the restore process equates to extended enjoyment. During the beginning phase of the project, Gord and made some of the key missing parts but we didn't get them all. We are still missing a couple and kinda need measurements so we can make them. So are have not seen them for sale, so fabrication is the likely avenue.

QA36A Snow Thrower Housing, Universal Joints & Auger


Item # 1 IH Part # 548-193-R1 Shield, Universal -For QA 36A & QA 36B Snow Throwers

We need the measurements of this part so we can get the snow thrower ready for winter. Gord has it all reassembled now, it has been put through the electrolysis tank and has been painted. It is really sharp. Pics probably Friday or Saturday, depending on schedules and the weather.

There are two other parts that we are curious about and would consider making provided we can get the measurements. These are

Item # 23 IH Part # 542-845-R1 Rod, Chute Deflector Side
Item # 24 IH Part # 543-154-R1 Rod, Chute Deflector Center

These would be interesting parts to make if we can get the dimensions.

Thanks all, I appreciate.

Re: QA36A Snow Thrower Part Dimensions Needed

Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:21 pm

I can't give you any of the dimensions, but for Part #1 I believe that you could measure the mounting bolt holes/locations and extrapolate to a pretty good likeness.

As for #23 and #24, don't bother. You'll go through a bunch of work making all the bends, make it look all pretty, then the first time he tries to use the snow blower, he'll rip the darn things out because the chute will plug up. Trust me on this! They were a "safety feature" added to the snow blowers so that you could not stick your arm down in the hole. If the snow is wet at all, they make just enough back pressure to effectively plug up the chute. I had a set from my QA-42A, laying in a cabinet in my shop and just threw them and the mounting plates out a couple of months ago when I was cleaning the shop. They had been there for 12-years, so I figured that I didn't need them any longer (and I haven't had the snow blower for about 9 years) :D


Re: QA36A Snow Thrower Part Dimensions Needed

Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:54 pm


Oh dang... that is too bad. Gord and I were talking about it, and since this will be primarily a show item, the guards would have been nice. Oh well. We also firgured we could manage to come up with a shield just measuring up, but thought it would be nice if we could actually have it according to how IH did it.

We will probably just TLAR it and see what happens. :D

Thanks, I appreciate.