Air cleaner question

Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:12 am

The 100 I just bought came with a Walbro carb on it. When I got it it had the base of an air cleaner on it, but no filter or cover. The base is smaller around, and has a lot more dish to it. It actually hides most of the carb, and has a loop on the top to hold the choke cable. Is this the correct air cleaner for the Walbro carb, or should it have one of the ones like is on the Carter carbs? If it is correct for the Walbro, does anyone know the filter number and where I can find a cover?

Re: Air cleaner question

Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:50 am

The 100 engine came with 4 different Carter carbs((Carter No. 3738S), (Carter No. 3408S), (Carter No. 3737S) & KH-47-853-22) and they all came with( IH-385168-R3 ELEMENT $17.62) used with KH-235101 base and KH-235102 covers.

The Walboro carb may have come from some other Kohler engine and used that base, element and cover but the Air Cleaner is on the engine parts page and the carbs are listed on their own page. Kohler has different air cleaners available and your dealer may have an element & Cover for it.