Need some help please?

Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:25 am

Good morning folks!

I'm in need of a bit of help. I have a 42" IH snow/dirt scrape blade that came with my 1200 Cub Cadet. There is a bent rod that should have been with the blade I'm missing.

This bent rod is used for the angling of the blade. If someone has one, could you post the dimensions, and what else is used with it so I can get moving on getting one made? Those things are not made anymore, and I've not found any in my searches.

I figure I can make one out of cold rolled steel rod - just heat and bend the rod to the desired dimensions. Cut, grind, drill for a cotter/hair pin then primer and paint. Shouldn't be that big of a deal.

The parts breakdown also shows a compression spring. Just where does this compression spring go? The parts breakdown doesn't give a good clue as to the placement of the spring.

As always, thanks for the help. I'm thoroughly enjoying my restored 1200 Cub Cadet. :{_}: :{_}: :{_}:

Re: Need some help please?

Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:15 pm

Here's some pictures of my 42" blade for my narrow frame cubs
( click for bigger pics)

Image Image Image

See the part you need measured?


Re: Need some help please?

Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:08 am

Hi Jeff. Thanks for the photos and the assistance.

Here's the part circled in one of your photos: Image

It is the bent looking rod just in front of the IH logo. In the parts diagram, it also calls for a spring, but their parts diagram does not show where it is supposed to be located. Either it is missing on your setup at the top - which I don't think it is supposed to be there, or maybe it is supposed to be underneath? Since I'm missing all those parts, I'm at a loss as to what really is supposed to be there.

I really do appreciate the help. I need the dimensions of the bent rod. How far from the short end to the bend, and then how far it extends into the scrape blade frame below. Approximate measurements are fine by me.


I just noticed it looks like it has maybe a welded washer near the top bend? I sure do wish I'd seen the real thing before now so I'd know what I'm supposed to be looking for!

Re: Need some help please?

Tue Sep 14, 2010 5:29 pm

It will be Thursday before I can check the CC blade I currently have.

That bent looking rod goes from the top where you currently see it to and through the plate for adjusting the blade angle located at the bottom of the spring.

Measure the diameter of the hole in the top and bottom plate.

If it works like most, You pull up on the lever to release and turn the blade. The spring fits over the rod inside the upper plate. Below the spring will be a flat washer and a hole for a cotter key.

On a larger 3 point grader blade that I own, the pin just drops into place - no spring - no retainer or any type. Does have a small chain welded to the top of the pin to keep from losing it. But the pin has never worked out of it's holes.

Me, I would rummage through my bolt buckets finding a bolt that would fit the hole diameter and pass from the top through the bottom (blade angling) plate. Might weld something on the bolt head to help pull the pin when needed.

Re: Need some help please?

Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:44 pm


The bar is 1/2" diameter steel. From the "loose" washer to the underside of the pin is 1" and the bend extends for 3" as the handle.

( the tractor had just run over you and you're looking from underneath :lol: )

The lightly compressed length of the 1/16" wire diameter spring is 1". Below is another loose washer and cotter pin. ( both washer are loose on the shaft-neither is welded in place )

The distance between the center lines of the cotter pins is 1-3/8" . I would put the top hole about 7/8" down from the inside of the handle and the other hole 1-3/8" from there.

I measured the overall length of the pin from the top of the handle to the end of the pin at 6"------ HOWEVER.... I would make the pin an extra 1" long and then do a final cut to length ( with a slight chamfer to it bottoms easily ) after drilling the cotter pin holes.

If my explanation isn't clear, I will draw a print and take a picture of that.


Re: Need some help please?

Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:53 am

Eugene and Jeff:

Big round of applause and thanks! :{_}: :{_}: :{_}: :-:-): :-:-): :-:-): This is exactly what I needed to see along with the
measurements. I know I can make one of these from left over round stock steel rod.

Eugene, I wish I could weld. I'm good with other mechanical things, but welding just isn't my forte at this point. Maybe someday....


Re: Need some help please?

Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:31 am

Draw bar pins. Farm and ranch supply store.

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Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:15 pm

A bit of good news. I had already purchased a 3 ft length of 1/2" weldable rod stock to make a new lift rod for the scrape blade. It is used in conjunction with an electric actuator. That works slick too!

Anyway, I remembered I had some stock left over, and looked for it last night. I found it on the work bench and tried a test fit on the scrape blade for the angling adjustment. It fit very well. Not too tight, not too sloppy in fit either.

I plan on using the Lowe's Mapp gas set up to heat the rod and bend it to make this missing piece. Of course, it'll be cut to length before doing anything else first. I found some 1/2" washers, and I know I have both hairpins and cotter pins to secure the middle with. I also found a compression spring that was part of a two pack I used to fix the pivot mechanism.

So, I should have about zero extra money in this part of the project. The primer and paint (black) are already on hand too.

Yes, I know it should be white to match the scrape blade. But, I thought if I dropped the new pin in the snow, the white would blend in. With it being black, it should stand out against the white. I almost thought of buying fluorescent orange for the new pin. That way if I dropped it most anywhere, it would be sure to show up and not be misplaced. :-:-): :-:-):

I'll post some photos once it is made.

Thanks folks! Much appreciated.