repairing my cub cadets (fixes)

Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:52 pm

I parked my 104 cub cadet in the spring after installing a new mower belt when it threw it off on the first mow. I parked it for later fixing. I found out now a stick got stuck in the outer vee pulley and it kicked the belt off but the belt is ok and i just fixed it. I just got lazy with so many running tractors i parked it. I actually was cutting into the brush were i shouldn't of been with it so its really operator error.

On my next cub cadet the 1200 keeps on stalling for some reason. It sat dead all summer till now i finally got a chance to look at it with determination to fix it for one last time. First the PO ran it into the ground. We restored it from the bare frame up. I found the ground wire missing from the engine to the frame that cooked the connector on the ignition key switch and also cooked the solenoid too. I checked the whole wiring system and repaired it. I looked in my used parts box from it and found no short wire in it. I just made a new wire #4 connector eye to eye. Now it runs great too. Now i need to get new pulley's for the 44" mower deck.

My two sons are involved too and helping me repair them all too. One wants to take my other 108 tractor pullin and the other one wants to race lawn mowers. I told them lets go. :{_}: It feels good we got 6 cub cadets running now.