Generator/Starter studs

Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:38 pm

The threads on my 125 generator/start posts are very worn to the point of being stripped. Can't get a good tight connection. Is it possible to get new posts and install or best left to a shop? I looked at one parts sight and it said not available.


Re: Generator/Starter studs

Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:23 pm

Remove the rear cover and check. It appears that the "studs" are bolts. One bolt appears to have a flattened end, tapped for a screw. The other is simply a bolt.

I'm looking at a parts manual for a Wisconsin engine, Delco-Remy generator. Shows studs with two different parts numbers. One for the armature terminal and one for the field termainal.

Your local starter, generator repair shop should have the studs in stock. Either have the parts in hand or the numbers from the starter/generator case.

Just buying and replacing the studs should not be a problem. But, perhaps it would be a good idea to have the starter/generator checked over and repaired. Or if you have the tools, tear down and rebuild it yourself.