It's winter storage time again!!!

Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:47 pm

Where did the summer go?? At first i find myself ready to cut the lawn all over again after a long winters nap. With out too much snow last winter i had plenty of gas left over. So now with that said its time to take the cub and gett'er ready for its long winters sleep.

My checklist is;

Change the engine oil
Clean or replace the air filter
Clean or change the sparkplug
Top the gas tank and add seafoam (then i run it for a while to mix all the juices)
Charge the battery so its fully up
Oil the throttle/choke cables ( I have a cable lube system from the motorcycles)
Check the tranny oil level and change if dirty
Check the belts so you can get them before spring
Grease the front axle, mower deck
Sharpen the mower deck blades and check the spindles for any play in the bearings
Fill the tires with air were needed

At the sametime I make a check list of work to be done if it needs any more repairs, but i may get to them before spring if i can. maybe the throwout bearing is a tad noisy or the PTO or clutch has problems.

Now your cub cadet is ready for its winter nap.

If you want to add something that you do feel freel too we can all learn something new.... :idea:

Re: It's winter storage time again!!!

Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:55 pm

Put the snow blade --wheel weights -- and a good set of tire chains on it --and SAY (COME ON SNOW) DON’T PUT IT AWAY

Re: It's winter storage time again!!!

Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:07 pm

Heres how I store my cubs for the winter.

1. park cub out of the way behind shed.
2. shut cub off.
3. walk away.
4. not worry about is till next spring.

Re: It's winter storage time again!!!

Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:28 pm

I drain the the gas tank and run the carb dry on the small motors that I don't run during the winter. I will make a list of parts an things that need done. I try to do the work on my list during the winter months. For me that is a good time to sharpen the mower blades, change filter(s) and change oil/grease machine.

I would add a fuel stablizer to your small motors that you store if you are one of them that likes to leave your fuel tank full during the winter months. Two good fuel stablizer(s) are the ones made by Briggs and Stratton and Sta-Bil.

Re: It's winter storage time again!!!

Fri Nov 19, 2010 11:37 am

Well my 70 with the 29"1250-15 tires has the snowplow / wheel weights / 2 sets, on year round and i add the tire chains only.

I just ordered a master cylinder to fix the brakes on my jeep plow. I never had brakes in 15 years till i changed out the frame when the orginal one rotted out. ('55 cj5) i stripped a '73 with a 304v8 which is three inches longer and boxed it with 3/8" plate from the front to the rear. Then i installed two loc rites in with the orginal 5:38:1 gearing and she is a stump puller now. I can plow snow at an ilde itys that strong in low/low range. This jeep sleeps all summer and is ready if we get hammered with snow. I use all my IH tractors until the snow gets very deep.


Fcub with plow
int154 creeper w/plow
108 cc with snowthrower
70 cc with plow
and my jeep as back up. Of course we had little in snow fall because i scared it away with my readyness.

This year the int154 is going to do most of my plowing. I'm hoping to have the SIMS cab on it, maybe next year.