cadet 107

Sun Jan 23, 2005 9:51 pm

had a call today from a guy that wants to sell me a 107 cadet. Says it runs good with no problems just the usual in need of cleaning and paint. It does not have a deck. He is asking $150. I have no idea is this a fair price?

Sun Jan 23, 2005 9:57 pm

$150 is a good price for any Cub Cadet that runs. 107 has a hydrostatic transmission. They are nice tractors, but the hood is usually cracked or broken where the hinge bolts are. I use a 107 to mow my yard with.

Tue Jan 25, 2005 12:27 pm

Agree with Paul. $150.-- is a fair price. I'm finding that good used decks are hard to come by.

Tue Jan 25, 2005 2:04 pm

If you want to try and find a deck you might try watching these ads or putting a wanted ad there. Some of these people posting here deal in used Cub Cadet parts. ... 1106675202

Fri Feb 04, 2005 6:16 am

Hey Chuck...I've got a good "38 inch deck off my Model 73 that will fit your 107 :wink: . It's got good belt guards, under carriage, mule drive and belt too. All the spindles are free and turn...BUT it does need to be media blasted and repainted. :D

If you're interested, just email me :wink: .

"Country" Elliott

Fri Feb 04, 2005 9:52 am

Hey country; Thanks for the reply. I have not bought the 107 as of yet. It is at a friends farm and we both agree to let it warm up a little before I go and ck it out. I think if the motor is in good shape I might put it in a nice 108 I just bought. Going to need to find a deck for it also or sell it without one.