127 Rebuild II

Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:30 pm

The motor is out of the tractor, stripped down to the block and waiting to go to the machine shop tomorrow. As I was taking the shielding off the motor, I was amazed at the amount of debris inside. Mostly it was very fine dust all caked in there, but I found strips of old cloth and a bunch of leaves too. I have no idea how the motor stayed cool. I am a guy who blows the tractor off with air after every use too! I am going to blame it on the PO. The carcass of the tractor is going to the CC dealer. I am going to have him weld a couple places and redo the hydro. I think there is a switch plate in there that needs some attention. I took alot of play out of the steering but I am going to see if he knows a couple of tricks to take out the rest. Sorry for the long post, just keeping you guys updated. I did take some before pictures maybe I'll post them along with the after pictures later. Paul B., thanks for all your guidance so far. Hope your patience holds out as I am sure to have more questions soon when she starts to go back together. I'll use your painting tips. Also, what is supposed to go around the dash where the hood meets it? I stripped off the crap that was on there as it worked good but was not original. Not unless IH used duct tape and black foam.


Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:45 pm

Nothing goes all the way around the dash, but there are two, short, hood bumper pads, P/N IH-530148-R1, that go on top of the rear hood support that bolts to the front of the dash pedestal. Your dealer should be able to cross that P/N if it has changed