cc 102 steering sloppy

Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:01 pm

I am working on a cub cadet 102 narrow frame tracotr. There is a bunch of play in the steering wheel shaft at the top of the steering wheel. How should I go about removing this shaft to replace or repair this bearing? I quite honestly havent looked into it too much yet but was about to order some engine parts soon and figured I better figure out if I will need a new bearing also before I place the order. I will also be needing decals for this tractor as it is scheduled to get painted as well. Does anyone recommend where to get the decals from? Jake

Re: cc 102 steering sloppy

Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:51 pm


If you are referring to the part under the steering wheel, at the top of the tube, you will need to remove the steering wheel. From what I have read and learned, removing the steering wheel can be one of the biggest challenges with working on these Cadets. Start soaking the steering wheel nut with your favorite penetrating solution (Kroil), give it some time to do its thing. Once you get the nut loose go get another one from a hardware store, should be a little thicker, and also get a 3” bolt, same thread. Thread the new bolt about halfway on the steering shaft and the new bolt in the other half. Sit in the seat, lift the wheel with your knees, and give the bolt a whack with a big hammer. Hopefully the shaft will move on the wheel, keep tapping (while lifting on the wheel with your knees) until the wheel touches the new nut. You should be able to remove the nut and work the wheel off then. Some people recommend removing the cap on the other end of the shaft (bottom) and backing out the cam bolt out before this doing process. The bearing is under the wheel and it just pops out, it is plastic. Some people recommend replacing it with a wheel bearing the same size, but I had no luck with that, it didn’t seat in the tube and came out, so I went back to the original one, it should last me another 40 years!

Call Ken at C&G (site sponsor); he can hook you up on needed parts.

I recently picked up a 102 with a replacement 12 hp in it, I got it running and no smoke, and it runs great! I have started piddling with it, fixing the little things and I think I will put quick paint job on it.

Good luck,

Re: cc 102 steering sloppy

Sun Mar 25, 2012 4:04 pm

thanks, I'll look into it this week and see what I cane do. I like the idea of removing whatever is on the bottom of shaft. I would hate so pound on the shaft and not have the wheel give as something is gonna have to take the energy of the blow...

Re: cc 102 steering sloppy

Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:26 am

I use my Cub's belt pulley puller to remove the steering wheel from my Cub Cadets.

Under the steering wheel is a plastic bushing that fits in the steering column and between the shaft.

Might want to remove the entire steering column and at least disassemble and clean up. If required, a kit is available to replace the ball bearings, races, felt and gasket.

There are several adjustments to/in the steering sector. A new kit and adjustments will take a lot of the slop out of the steering.

Re: cc 102 steering sloppy

Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:41 pm

Try to tighten up the nut at the bottom of the steering box on the steering lever first. This should take out some of the play first. Do not over tighten it. Remember to grease it too at the sametime.