Where are all the good parts found?

Sun Mar 20, 2005 9:51 pm

Well, it's been almost 2 years in the waiting but I’m starting to get the cub cadet 102 fixed up. I got a new carb on it and it runs pretty good--might need a little fine tuning. I'm going to be starting on the steering box and clutch. The question is: Where are you folks finding parts for the old cub cadets now days? Cheep but ok parts. I don't need OE--I'm on a very tight budget. I can foresee some steering parts and maybe a clutch friction disk. I also might need the four pins on the drive plate that turn the friction disk--I hope those can be bought separate from the drive plate. I'll probably be asking more questions soon but for now, where the parts found?

Sun Mar 20, 2005 10:19 pm

Cub Cadet dealer is the best place. For the steering box, you can get an upper and lower bearing kit, P/N IH-71930-C91 for about $7.00, and that is about $2 cheaper than buying the Retainer & Ball Assy, P/N 941-3021 which is about $10 for one. Doesn't make sense, but true. The cam follower pin can usually be turned 90 degrees to get a new bearing surface, or if that has already been done, it can be trued up in a lathe or drill press. Probably be better off with a new clutch disc, as most used ones will have the drive pin holes wallered out. As far as the drive pins in the drive disc, they are not available individually from Cub Cadet. If they are not broken or worn completely through, I have driven them out, turned them end for end and drive them back in and use them. They will hold for another 30-40 years. They are a coiled, spirol pin, and you can probably get the size from someplace like McMaster-Carr, but from them, you will have to buy them by the package, and that may contain 25-50 of them. The ball joints for the steering tierod or draglink can be bought from Lowes in a two pack for about $8.00. They are made by MTD, and are the same one you would get from Cub Cadet, but cost less. They have two different sizes, you need the smaller size, or the ones for the older tractors.

Sun Mar 20, 2005 10:38 pm

Hi Chris
I have recently been doing small repairs on my 102 and my 108.I do not have a lot of trouble getting parts and we have a lot less dealers here than you seem to have in the U.S.. Our parts are more expensive.A new driveshaft just cost me $82.00 Cdn.The only thing I can not get is body parts.I just did a brake job(new pads) for $18.00 Cdn on my 108. So I have to do some smart shopping for my parts and some extra work.But to me it is a hobby. Bruce 8) :)

Sun Mar 20, 2005 11:06 pm

Thanks Paul, it sounds like it will not be as expensive as I imagined. The clutch disk might be but I see them for $25 at ccspecialties.org or $30 at cngco.com.

Bruce, you did a brake job on the 108, does it have external brakes? Does it have turning brakes? My 102 has some sort of brake internal to the trans.

Mon Mar 21, 2005 6:41 pm

My 108 has external brakes,but my 102 are internal brakes. I just mentioned that because someone told me it would $100.00 Cdn for that brake job on the 108. 8) :)

Mon Mar 21, 2005 8:22 pm

Brake pads for Cub Cadet disc brakes are pricey, in Cdn or US $$$. If the rest of your disc brake assembly is OK, you can replace the lining yourself. McMaster-Carr, http://www.mcmaster.com/ has 3/16" thick by 3" wide nonmetallic molded brake and clutch lining available, by the foot, for $5.80 a foot (I received 2 foot today). Part number is 6175 K119, and other thickness and widths are available. It can be glued to your pads with Liquid Nails, or with expoxy. You may also be able to find lining material from a local brake or clutch rebuilder. I have heard of people using cut down pads for a Chevy S-10, but have not tried it myself. Anyone can buy from McMaster-Carr, but you need to establish a "business name" or account, such as Joe Blows Tractors, or what ever. If you use a credit card as payment, it might be best if the name on the card is also part of the "business" name