I can't win lately but i'm not giving up.

Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:50 pm

My 1200 cub cadet has been cutting the lawn so far. First the mule belt wore out. I put a new one on. While cutting the high grass a stick got into the mule drive that i didn't notice and it cut the new belt in half. I fixed that. Then it started running rough and rich. Some how the choke cable setting loosened up. I readjusted the cable and readjusted the carb. She now runs like new again. Now the charging system stops charging. I ordered a new regulator. Do I have bad luck or what? My son restored the 1200 but we just threw in a used 12hp aqs engine and hoped for the best so far it runs great. I got it from the tractor club guys in Kent.

I just planeted another 1/2 acre of new grass and boy do i miss the 60" deck on the int154 now.

Re: I can't win lately but i'm not giving up.

Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:12 am

The curse on my wifes 1200 continues. The head gasket went. I removed the head and found the exhaust gases ate there way up a head bolt hole in the head. But the piston is very tight telling me the engine has low hours on it. The valves look and feel great too. The guy in the kent tractor club sold me an awesome engine. But its marked 12hp on the sheetmetal cover and 14hp on the front housing. Now i can measure it to see what it really is. She went thru some high grass without a hesitation. Its got plenty of power.

I found a replacement head for now. But i'll weld up and machine the old head when i get a TIG welder. I been eyeing the new TIG inverter welding machines to piggy back off my hobart welder/generator. I want to add a MIG and TIG besides the 200amp 100% duty cycle arc welder it has.

Re: I can't win lately but i'm not giving up.

Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:53 am

Not sure if you thought of this already, but the bore and stroke are different between 12 and 14-hp engines. A simple measurement of the cylinder should tell you which you have. Easy to do with the head already off. If it's all bolted up, there's basically no way to tell.

Re: I can't win lately but i'm not giving up.

Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:28 pm

I just took out my 122 cadet that was stored and got it running after cleaning the points and carb since its been sitting for a year. I ran it in the high grass and the engine never wimpered at all the 48" deck just flew thru the tall grass. Before this 12hp would labor thru the tall grass so it needed a tune up.

I notice there is a big jump in power between the 12hp as and the 12hp aqs over the 10hp kohlers.