Replacement for Kohler???

Wed Apr 13, 2005 7:54 pm

Does anyone know of a direct replacement Briggs or Techumse engine that would be a direct replacement for a K301 in a model 122? The 301 lost a rod, rod cap, deeply scared the crank and broke the camshaft and a broken piston ring badly scared the cylinder to bad to salvage. A used Briggs or Tecumsee would be more readily available and much cheaper. This Cub is not to work but to build as a "Black and White Patrol Vehicle" for area parades and events, just for show.

Thanks, ly134

Wed Apr 13, 2005 9:42 pm

Lyl: I think what you will find trying to use a B&S or Tech. that the centerline of the crank won't be the right height and connecting up the drive shaft will take some reworking as A Cub Cadet use the flywheel side instead of the pulley side for connection. I did put a 8 HP B&S in an Original but since that was a belt drive I only had to get a longer belt to make up for the differences is C/L. I think the Kohler setup worked on the B&S flywheel end. You can make anything work but a used Kohler might end up less trouble