Factory kit to notch narrow frame Cub for K341

Mon Jun 06, 2005 12:56 am

Im buiding a pulling tractor out of an old model 70. Our rules say the frame cannot be modified, but since it was available from Cub its ok. The tech guy said I can fabricate it but it has to look exactly the same as the kit. I have never seen one so I either need to find a kit or find some measurements and photos. Any and all help would be appreciated. Here is a link to a photo. http://www.antiquetractors.com/gphotos/a7583.jpg
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Mon Jun 06, 2005 5:20 am

I think you are talking about putting a 12 HP or larger engine in a 70 frame. It might be easier to get a later frame and adapt the 70 sheet metal to fit that frame and then you won't be altering the frame . I don't know if you need a wide frame xx8 or xx9 frame which had a 16 HP in the 169. I don't know of a kit for putting an engine in a 70.

Mon Jun 06, 2005 6:36 am

Im already started on this frame. They are not easy to come by around here. There was a guy in our club that had one that had been modified like I want to do . If I could get a hold of him my problem would be solved. But so far no luck. Mine is a shallow narrow frame. I guess a deep narrow frame will accept a K341 and a wide frame will accept a twin is how it goes but there was definetly a kit. I think all it consited of was 2 pieces of metal to weld in after slicing and pulling out a small section of the frame to accomodate the bigger flywheel. But like I say I have never personally seen one so I dont have a clue how wide the cut was or how far to open it. http://www.antiquetractors.com/gphotos/a7583.jpg
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Mon Jun 06, 2005 1:48 pm

There was not a kit made, but a 147 had a narrow frame and came with a K321 14 hp engine. That frame is cut out at the sides of the blower housing and a wedge shaped piece welded in - kinda like standing a wedge shape piece of cake on the "pointed" end and forming the metal around it. That cut is about 5-6" long, and extends down about half the width of the frame. The top is about 1-1/4", 1-1/2" wider than the original frame. You can also just use the flywheel, bearing plate, and blower housing from a 10-12 hp engine on the 14-16 hp, and you don't have to cut the frame, the engine will fit like a 10 or 12. After the 147 was built, the next models were wide frame tractors and the 14-16 hp engines fit them without modifications.

Mon Jun 06, 2005 2:48 pm

That might be the way to go. I do a have 12 hp. Its a good engine but it may have to be sacraficed. I think our rules will allow that change. Other wise I just need to look at a 147 and copy it. I had thought the 10-12 wouldnt fit either.

Thanks much for your help.

Now Im reall confused

Tue Jun 07, 2005 9:49 pm

I was told the Cub 147 frame was widened to make room for the bigger flywheel with a ring gear. I just looked at a few pictures of 147s and they all had starter generators but also had the notched frame. So evidently the flywheel is bigger either way on the K341. Hopefully I will be able to make a ring gear starter fit and still have the frame look the same. I have decided to go with this type starter to do away with the extra drag of a generator type. All that matters is I have a saw and welder so it has to fit sooner or later. :lol:

Wed Jun 08, 2005 9:27 pm

Sidmabb >
There is a guy up in rockford IA that has lots of cub cadet frames, you can find a link to his place ( CC specialties ) at http://www.ihcubcadet.com
If you e-mail him make sure to put Cub Cadet in the subject line, Oh and sometimes it takes a while to hear back from him, after all he does have another job.
You will need to click on the cub cadet forum link on that page to get to the link to CC specialties.

Wed Jun 08, 2005 10:15 pm

Hey thanks but that is where I got my current frame. I am actually closer to Rockford Il then Rockford Ia. Our club is having a pull this Sat and maybe the notched frame tractor will show and I can take measurements. I dont plan on finishing my tractor this season anyway