Replacing K engine with Kohler Magnum

Sat Jun 11, 2005 7:30 pm

Has anyone replaced the K engine in a model 122 with a Kohler Magnum.
The 12 HP K engine in the 122 is beyond repair and I came across a good Magnum 8HP made in 1993. I will not be working this cub 122, just need another engine for neighborhood rides. Any tricks you can give me on needed installation information??

Sat Jun 11, 2005 8:10 pm

Haven't tried it and don't know if the clutch drive plate will fit the end of the magnum crank/flywheel, but if it does you want to be sure the centerline of the Magnum crank is located at the same distance above the frame rails that the centerline of the "K" crank was, or you will have clutch/driveline alignment problems. I don't think it will be a simple bolt-in swap.