New 1500 series cub cadet

Sun Jul 03, 2005 4:03 pm

Well The old Murry lasted 13 years it still mows but not to well. So My wife and I went to tractor supply becuase the cub dealer desided to take the weekend off and I got a brand new GT 1554 for my aniversery. I hear alot of you say that the 1000 series are junk and go to the 2000 series or up but I just could not aford that . I did however make sure I got the GT instead of the LT model. And hopefully if I take care of it like I did the murry it will give me years of mowing enjoyment. I have about 2 + acres of straight hills to mow. Any advise on anything to do to her while shes new. Coat the deck or anything like that. I am going to go through and check all the bolts, Nuts and greese fittings along with deck ride height and such and give the steel a good coat of wax first. But how about the fiberglass,Tires ,Seat and like that any recomendations?
Would sure appreatiate any help and it looks like the 51 cub may have to go now that I did not buy a belly mower.

Sun Jul 03, 2005 4:35 pm

You already know this, but read nad follow the instructions in the manual. Most newer lawn mowers last longer if you only mow at full throttle. I bleieve that instruction is now in most lawn tractor manuals.