Wed Jul 06, 2005 7:39 pm

Put the mower decks on the 108 and 102 yesterday.Sharpened the blades,used the greece gun on them. I took the 108 out first,mowed for about twenty minutes.Thud,the small blade tore a piece right out of the deck.OK,then I took the 102 out.Mowed for about an hour. I heard a very loud clatter from the engine,OH! NO :shock: :?: .Lifted the hood,seen smoke and felt a lot of heat. This motor has about ten hours on after a rebuild.I will remove it next week.Any ideas before I take it to the experts.I really do not know a lot about these engines.Had to finish up with the old tractor I have been using for the last ten years. I should have stayed in bed LOL. :( :( Bruce

Wed Jul 06, 2005 9:00 pm

Loud clatter, saw a lot of smoke and felt a lot of heat doesn't give a lot to go on. Even though the engine doesn't have much time on it, how long has the tractor been setting and where? The first thing I think of from "smoke and heat" is the cooling fins on the block are clogged up, from grass clipping, mice, or other little varmit nest, etc. They will build nest in the flywheel/blower housing and then when you start it it will pack the cooling fins on the block and head, under the sheet metal covers, full of debris, and the engine will over heat pretty quick. Clatter could have been something in the nest if there was one, or it could be the tractor or PTO clutch, or something internal of the engine. Won't know till you start looking.

Wed Jul 06, 2005 9:26 pm


I never thought about varmits.It was kept in my garage all winter,and I started it upand ran it for awhile every couple months.The engine will still turn over,but will not start.I will pull the plug and check for compression tomorrow. Thanks for your prompt reply. 8) :) Bruce

Thu Jul 07, 2005 5:43 am

Hey Bruce...As Paul says...Make sure your engine cooling fins are clean and free of anything that may block them :wink: . Remove your engine sheet metal covers and blow out anything clogging the fins :wink: . It's too bad, but it sounds as if your mower blades weren't tightened down well :oops: ? Sometimes the HARD lessions we learn STAY with us the LONGEST! :wink:

Thu Jul 07, 2005 6:28 am


Sorry to hear of your troubles :( Sounds a little familiar to me though :roll:

One good thing nothin serious happened, just a little more shop time is all. Next to seat and show time, shop has to be right up there :!: :idea: :wink: :lol:

Keep us posted, Let us hope Paul is bang on the money and it is something minor such as dirt causing it to over heat. On the deck - a little patching might be in order - at least you know the blade was sharp :roll: :oops:

Sun Jul 10, 2005 9:36 pm

I think your engine may have a compression release valve and unless you spin it up to a certain RPM you are not going to be able to check compression. Fellas, if I am wrong let me know.


Fri Aug 19, 2005 9:16 pm

Update on Bad Day

Picked the engine today.Not a pretty sight. Connecting rod assembly in three pieces, broken piston,scord cylinder wall, scord crank, broken oil splasher,even broke the dip stick. I suspect the crank caused the problem.It was boderline.So I guess I will looking for another engine,they are pretty scarce in my area.May have to visit relatives in Maine come the fall of the year. I learned one lesson DO NOT go border line on parts.
8) :x :cry: Bruce