Anti-chatter clutch springs 1 or 3?

Sat Sep 17, 2005 11:00 pm

Just got done replacing drive shaft and throw out bearing on an 86 Cadet. I was advised by a dealer mech to put the anti-chatter spring on all three drive studs. It appears to me that the spring tension of those springs won't let the pressure plate float enough so now if you engage clutch in neutral and than release and try and shift into gear you will grind. Is it common practise to add the other 2 springs or should I have just gone back with the one? I hate to have to pull the shaft out again to pull out any springs as it looks a bit tight to cut them out. I tried lubing the drive pins where the springs ride but that appears to be a tempory fix.

Sun Sep 18, 2005 9:19 am

You are correct. All three will usually cause problems with the clutch releasing. I would only use one spring if I were going to use one (I don't). According to the picture in the service manual, that spring goes on the rear end of the drive pin, to the rear of the clutch disc, not between the disc and the engine . Spme of the later model tractors only used one spring rather than three, and had one drive pin that was longer, for the spring to go on.

One problem with the springs installed like is shown in the manual, is they have a tendency to fly/come off, but if installed between the disc and the engine they tend to cause release problems. They will help reduce the wear of the drive pin holes in the disc, and stop the clatter noise of the disc on the pins if the holes are worn, but in my opinion I would rather put up with that, than put up with the release problems they tend to cause.

If your's are installed between the disc and the engine and you want to remove one or more, if you unhook the ends from the clutch disc, it should give you enough room to cut or break the ends off the spring off, and you can then just leave the coiled part on the pin. Won't hurt anything, and you don't have to pull the engine or driveshaft out to remove them.

Sun Sep 18, 2005 8:03 pm

Paul, I removed the 2 new ones I put on today as it just wasn't going to be exceptable to the customer. I agree that I may just remove the last one also. You are correct in that I installed them on the forward side which may have aggrevated the problem. The remaining spring is aged and has lost most of its tension so its allowing the plate to float rather well. The spring was installed on the aft side originally and I felt that appeared a little hoocky like you mentioned they sometimes fly off, thats why I moved them forward.

Sun Sep 18, 2005 9:55 pm

I thought maybe you did from the way your question was worded. As you noticed, when they are on the front side, they tend to pull the disc into the front pressure plate, which inturn keeps the driveshaft turning rather than releasing it. If the remaining spring lets it release OK, I would just leave it alone.