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Cub cadet 127

Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:03 am
by fg1132
Hello everyone I am new to this site, I am looking at purchasing a cub cadet 127 it is has a bucket and a plow blade with it no belly mower/deck and runs well, the gentleman wants $1250 for it,is that too much to pay?

Re: Cub cadet 127

Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:09 pm
by Smokeycub
In my humble opinion that's about twice what it's worth, at least around NE Ohio. Unless by "bucket" you mean a loader, then maybe yes.

Re: Cub cadet 127

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:18 am
by T-Mo
I think if the "bucket" is a loader, then it's worth the asking price. But, if "bucket" means something else, then it's a bit high in my opinion.

Re: Cub cadet 127

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:53 am
by Eugene
Use to own (actually my father) a 102 CC with Johnson loader. Had to add wheel weights and a weight box on the CC's rear, other wise the CC would just spin the rear wheels when loader was loaded.

The loader would pick up more than the 102 could safely handle. Bent the front spindles. 2nd issue was that the loader would barely fit over the side of a pickup and be able to dump the load.

If the 127 has a loader, removing the loader and setting up the tractor for a mower is an issue. Once a loader is installed, you want to leave it on the tractor.

I sold the loader and partially parted out 102 for $500-, the price my father wanted for the outfit. The loader sold within 2 days and no quibbling over the selling price.

I would ask for the mower deck and mounting bracket parts.

Asking price. If the CC has a loader, the asking price is in the ball park. I would take 12 each $100 bills and 1 each $50- to the potential sale, show and offer 11 of the big bills. Worst that can happened is a negotiated sale price.

Edit: 11:09 AM, 10/29/17. Another short fall, brakes. If you operate the CC on an incline with a load in the loader, brakes may not be sufficient to stop/control the tractor. Level ground, should be OK.

Re: Cub cadet 127

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:09 am
by gitractorman
I personally wouldn't bother with a 127, for much of anything. It's a decent machine, but that series was kind of a mish-mosh of old style and new style Cub Cadet parts, so they've never been very appealing to me. It's still a "narrow frame" tractor, which was from the earlier Cadets, so you don't have a removable tunnel cover for access to the driveline, and there are fewer attachments available, including mower decks. It has the "wide frame" rear fenders and hood as found in the next series of tractors, but that's the only take from the wide-frame Cadets.

The front loader would be a kind of cool feature, but again, the 127 isn't going to be a very powerful machine. Keep in mind that the loader would be good for moving mulch or topsoil, but you're not going to dig much of anything with it. Also, the reason there's no mower deck is that the loader frame runs under the tractor, so there's no way to mount a mower, without removing the loader, which, unfortunately, is a pain because they're not "quick attach". Many folks find that the front loader is a bit tricky to use on a Cub Cadet, because you have the hand control for your forward/back hydro lever, and hand controls for the loader, so you are constantly moving hands around, off the steering wheel, right when you need to be in control of the machine. It's just a case of needing an extra right hand, and not having one. Since it's a hydro, you cannot even use the clutch pedal to slow your movement (well, there's no clutch and it's not advisable to use the pedal to stop a hydro just because it wears out the hydro linkage), so your typical movements with a loader are just jerky and not easy to do. The loader puts a TON of stress on the front axle, so I'd be very cautious about buying a tractor with a loader, and would jack the front end up to see if the center pivot and spindles are worn out. If it shows any sign of slop in those locations, get away from it and start looking at other tractors. Those parts are available, and not super expensive, but to do the right job replacing and upgrading those parts (to handle the weight and stress of the loader) includes cutting and welding!

There's really two different ways to look at this. 1) If you are looking specifically for an older Cub Cadet, with a front loader, to use only as a front loader, then if it's in good condition, the price you've mentioned is probably not too bad.

2) If you're just getting into Cub Cadets, and just want an older Cadet that you can do lots of things with, or wanting to mow, then you could probably find a better machine with the attachments you want in the $300 to $500 range (without a loader), and completely restore/rebuild/refurbish to the condition you want, and you'd have less than the $1250 in it, but would have a machine that you know intimately and have in exactly the condition you want.