How to fix the dreaded "Login Attempts Exceeded" error.

Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:45 pm

Fixing the dreaded "Password Attempts Exceeded" error message.

If you are having problems getting FarmallCub.Com to accept your password, it is most likely caused by having entered an incorrect password more than three times. At that point, the forum software will lock your account and force you to answer a simple security question.

By entering your member ID and password a second time and answering the security question, you can get logged into the site again.

NOTE: Some spammers use internet bots (robots) to attempt to login to members accounts in order to post their spam advertising using your good name -- the security question stops them dead in their tracks, however, it leaves you locked out too.

To get back on, please follow the simple steps outlined below. If by chance it fails, perhaps you have forgotten your password or are entering it incorrectly.
(REMEMBER: Passwords are always CaSe sensitive!) If you do not recall your password, use the reset password link on the login page.

If all else fails (sometimes it just won't work, for whatever reason), please contact me at -- I'll break out the BIG hammer and fix it.

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