Apples and More Apples

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Apples and More Apples

Postby Eugene » Tue Jul 28, 2020 6:26 pm

Mature dwarf apple tree in house yard loaded, apples touching the ground and breaking limbs. Year old dwarf also loaded but not breaking limbs.

Perhaps another 3 weeks until the apples are ripe.

Called in the neighbors to harvest the green apples to keep from breaking any more branches.

One neighbor took 10 gallons, making apple butter. Second neighbor took 7 gallons, making apple crisp.

Me, 10 gallons, dumping on acreage, making green fertilizer. Darn, wife didn't want to spend the evening working on freezing apples. She said to wait until the apples were ripe - - for some reason.

Every morning I pick up fallen apples and then deposit on the acreage. Tomorrow, probably dumped 30 gallons so far.
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