Thanks For The Wonderful Weekend (Kinderhook, NY, USA)

Fri Oct 20, 2006 9:17 am

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our hosts in Kinderhook, Cecil and Priscilla for a wonderful weekend. And also to all those who assisted you as well, thank you. You both have put so much work and effort into making everyones weekend comfortable and enjoyable. You took care of our every needs and for that I commend you. You have succeeded in doing so much more as we all had a chance to meet and to socialize.

During our weekend, we got to chance to get to know each other. We got to do some shopping and we got to sample many different foods of which the recipies, I hope, are forthcoming on this server soon. :D :D To name a few:

- I will post Priscilla's recipies for the Breakfast Casserole asap.
- Fleurette's recipies for the Pumpkin Buns and pie
- Priscilla - see if you can get Bev's cookie recipies
- Claudia's - Broomstick afghans link to follow.

Now ladies, if we can open communication lines via this server, we can help plan the upcoming festivals and help the hosts. Priscilla had a wonderful idea. She suggested that we (the ladies) also have some kind of demonstrations of various hobbies or interests particular to what we like to do. She loves to basket weave and would have been willing to demonstrate how to make a basket. I am sure with a donation to cover the expenses of the supplies, we could have made one for ourselves and brought it home.

Another example, Claudia makes these beautiful afghans called Broomstick afghans. If prepared, we could have had a demonstration and actually started one to finish on our own later.

These are only a few idea to help out the hosts at the next cub fests. If you have ideas or suggestions, please post them and share them with us. This could end us being a Ladies Festival :D while our husbands or other halves are having fun with their tractors.

Those who still don't have ID's, please register and post...please. We want to get to know you.


Fri Oct 20, 2006 7:35 pm

I also would like to thank Priscilla and Cecil for their hospitality last weekend. You're both so generous to open your home and welcome so many people!! It was a great weekend.

Another thing the ladies discussed was having a cookie exchange. I'll ask how it's done here, but I think everyone brings 2 dozen-- one dozen to eat and one dozen to share, so everyone takes a sample (as well as the recipe) home. If anyone has any other ideas for next year, please post them.

Rondell and I will try to arrive earlier next year so we can help sign everyone in and hopefully have a better count of how many there were. I don't know about the guys numbers, but the women went from just Priscilla and I to 10 women and 2 girls (I think). That's quite an increase--can you imagine if our numbers increase proportionately next year?!?! Cecil and Pris will have to add on to the garage to fit everyone in! :D

I will post my recipes soon.


Fri Oct 20, 2006 8:27 pm

I think thats agreat idea.When you do the recipes you should make copies to be put under the sample of cookies or what every people are sampling. Don't just keep it to the ladies I know some men are great cooks. :wink: Just an idea.