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Joe Morris
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Re: Deer in Garden

Postby Joe Morris » Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:49 pm

Dear Jr. ; In upstate NY we aren't thinking much on tomatoes till the frost is full out of the ground and the nights won't send more. However ; It's a nice thought. I agree with the shooting solution but of course thats an issue here after season end in Nov. The electric fence works till you forget to tell your wife it's on. But then you forget about your deer problem for a couple days while you try to find dinner and a place to sleep. Deer don't seem to hang well with Black bear , so putting your garbage cans out there is a try. Course then there is skunks. Dog gone life in the country. Honestly, deer are genuinly lazy. So a short 3 foot fence keeps them out when there is other options available. They could jump it no issue but don't if your shrubs or the neighbor's bird feeder is easier. I do know, peeing in the corners doesn't work but is quicker then going in the house. Moth balls make my eyes water and I can't see where they were eating. And the fancy little things you get at the ag store that tie on the plants to repel , well as I said they work if the neighbors bird feeder is near by. Otherwise you are apt to get pointed and smiled at. I say plant 4 more bushes 2 on each end and feed em. Write the story for the local paper on how you fight all year with the deer ... or keep trying to come up with solutions to repel. Heck you find the perfect repelent and your a millionare! Of course then you might be so busy there is not time for gardening! J

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Re: Deer in Garden

Postby vdeal » Fri Jun 12, 2009 11:16 am

First time poster here. I read this thread and decided I had to comment. As a long-time gardener I've learned how to deal with the deer. My main garden is surrounded with a 5 foot high welded wire fence. This keeps out the smaller animals and only mildly curious deer. Around the welded wire I run one strand of electric polywire fencing. It is anywhere from 3 to 5 feet high depending on the location. Deer do not like electric and after one exploratory shock they stay away. In addition I have a Contech motion activated scarecrow sprinkler that will spray water if any deer would happen to jump into the garden. The scent-based and stationary motion objects only work for a short time until the deer figure them out. Around my orchard I have two strands of polywire electric fencing. That stops them there. My truck patch will also have electric fencing. I eventually plan to install high quality Electrobraid electric fencing. This stuff is used in Canada to keep moose off of highways and in the US southwest to stop elk. Deer should be no problem. For my wife's flowers I have found a spray that stops them cold. Tree Guard Deer Repellent contains the most bitter substance known to man, Bitrex. This is in a latex carrier so it doesn't wash off in the rain like the pepper-based sprays do. Spray this on and the deer will take one taste and leave it alone. You can't use it on edibles however. A neighbor bought some and accidently got some on his fingers and then touched his mouth. He was up all night vomiting. You can get it at this site. Hope this information is of some help. As I've learned the hard way in gardening and farming, get your infrastructure built first and the rest will follow along.
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