Row spacing - how narrow?

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Re: Row spacing - how narrow?

Postby DanR » Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:26 am

Do you mean at least 1/2 as wide?
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Re: Row spacing - how narrow?

Postby TJG » Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:50 am

When the tractor straddles one row, the outside 2 rows must be wider apart than the rear tires, or wider than the rear tool bar shovels if they are set wider than the rear tires. While I'm looking forwards watching the row I'm straddling I don't want to be knocking down crop on the side rows (behind me with the rear cultivators).

Before I planted I found it easiest to think of 3 rows at a time. 2 rows wider than my rear tires plus 1 row 1/2 way in between. I tried measuring and all, but found it easiest to just put on the cultivators, cultivate the bare ground and then see where I had to plant. As it worked out for me the rows are about 38 inches apart. So when I cultivate over 1 row the rows on my right and left are about 76 inches apart. My rear cultivator is 56 inches wide (28 inches on each side of the row I'm stradding) so as I go up and down the garden I overlap and it seems to work fine. I'm not good at this so having some wiggle room between the rows worked well for me. Plus I didn't get my rows planted the straightest so while I was watching the front there were times I was getting close to the crop with the rear shovels.

If your cultivators or rear tires are set at a different width than mine your row spacing would vary. That is why I said to just go in the garden and drive around and see what seems to be the best row spacing. Once you have it then you know what to do (until you change the width of your tires).


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