Spring is here!

Sat Mar 15, 2003 6:20 pm

Took the blade of my Cub today. Getting ready to clean it up and repaint.

Sat Mar 15, 2003 10:05 pm

I have noticed that in the last 3-4 days, the daffodils, bartlett pear trees, weeping willows, and yellow bells have bloomed. :D. Red clover is also starting to green up; will not be long before I'll get to mow the lawn with my '55 lo-boy w/3160 mower. 8) :!:

Sat Mar 15, 2003 11:32 pm

Got my garden broken up this past week. :D Even got some onions and cabbage planted today. 8)

Sun Mar 16, 2003 2:12 am

Where do you live???????? :shock: The Bahamaassssssss''' :roll: Jack In Mn.

Sun Mar 16, 2003 7:28 am

Sure and it must be spring, as I save the first ding ding man peddling
popsicles...as he drove past piles of snow.

Sun Mar 16, 2003 8:39 pm

Onions are up now 4 or 5 weeks. Looking good.
Potatoes are up about 2 weeks.
Cabage looks good.
Turnips are going starting to go to seed. Time to pull them.
Tomatos & Peppers will be planted tomorrow. (transplanted)

Tue Mar 18, 2003 5:40 am

Here in East Tennessee our jonquills, daffodills, Bradford Pear, Flowering Plum are all blooming! Carol's planted plenty of Pansies in the beds, and I'm mulching my #@!! off to get the place ready for visitors (from Vermont). Won't they be surprised to see Spring...they've had nothing but SNOW, SNOW & MORE SNOW all Winter long ! You boys up North...you'll see spring in another....MONTH OR SO ! BY that time I'll have caught a mess of brim and bass off my dock and had the boat out a BUNCH OF TIMES!

Tue Mar 18, 2003 7:01 am

Yep, here in central Mississippi, spring has sprung. It's been a regular cub marathon the last week. I broke up my new garden spot with the disk breaking plow, then put on the cultivators to stir the loose soil around (really need a pull disk). Then I put on the Woods mower and cut the spring weeds that are coming up everywhere. (Multiple cubs make these jobs much easier!) :) )

Tue Mar 18, 2003 7:58 am

Have had several beautiful spring days here in the hills of SW PA. Temp yesterday 70! How pleasant after all the cold. Planted onions and started trimming the fruit trees. Am tempted to take the blade off 'ol Betsy but still it's too damp to plow. Wow - life is really great isn't it :lol:

Wed Mar 19, 2003 8:37 am

Okay Okay guys - rub it in! :lol:

It will be weeks before we see the last of the snow. It is 10 below right now, sun is shining, but not melting the snow yet.

I am itching to go play in the fields with my Cub, but the snow is got to go first. I love winter, but I think I am getting a little tired of it.

Come on Spring, we is awaiting!

Mowed today

Thu Apr 03, 2003 7:58 pm

Hey Guys grass got so high had to use stilts to get to truck. Nah not yet just about 6" when I cutter down today. Apple trees starting to bud and leaf out. Peepers be peeping for three weeks. Get this Last week this happened. Snow acumulation Charleston Wv less than 1/4" My front yard
here in Buckhannon 7" Clarksburg WV less than 30 miles from me 1/2
gosh I might have to move. But I am getting my cub so I can get me a blade and do as Rudi does Go atter boys. rev jim :D :D :idea: