Prepping garden soil for next year

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Re: Prepping garden soil for next year

Postby v w » Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:57 am

A soil test is the only way to go of course but may I take a wild guess? Nitrogen. Take a look at what grew and what didn't. Broc and lettuce need nitrogen. Beans and peas are legumes and can fix nitrogen from air in the soil although low nitrogen levels will get them off to a slow start. I put nitrogen right in the hole when planting broc and cabbage (best not to let the roots touch the nitrogen). Corn uses a lot of nitrogen which my light soil leaches fairly quick so I side dress when the corn is 8 to 10 inches tall.. Tomatoes and peppers? The enviromentalists would hate me but I put super phosphate (O-46-0) with them as well as 1/4 cup bone meal and a teaspoon of epsom salt. The bone meal provides calicum which helps prevent blossom end rot and the epsom salt magnesium which tomatoes need. Nitrogen on tomatoes will make them grow big vines but not much fruit. Peppers are a similiar plant. I do not use an overall fertilizer since I am a mulcher and place 4 to 6 inches of cut grass on the garden so I don't have to hoe. I have about 3 acres which I can cut for clippings. I wouldn't use grass cuttings from lawns where weed and feed has been used. I have started tilling the mulch in where the garden is done and will do all by late october. In the spring it is a simple matter to run the tiller over it and ready to go. Gardeners in your area probably could help you. Gardeners I know like to run off at the mouth as you can tell by this post. Vern

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