Visiting bear & lynx/bobcat

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Visiting bear & lynx/bobcat

Postby BigBill » Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:51 pm

Lastweek at night my lab puppy is going crazy again barking at my truck them i heard the scream. I grabbed my 9mm and flashlite and went out to see whats going on. My light shined far enough to see it was a larger cat possibly a lynx or bobcat but i seen a lynx recently so i figure its him again. I brought in the dog but it took an hour to calm him down. Now on thursday night we had both dogs barking away and the smell of crap was in the air so we were down wind from what ever it was. I'm thinking its the local neighborhood blackbear again passing thru looking for an easy meal. Today while mowing sure enough there's bear crap on the ground. Again i have wild america in my back yard. I have read about bears breaking thru doors on the houses too. I figure its time to beready just incase he drops in for a late night snack. I warned the misses already if i yell cover your ears don't say what?? Just do it. I hope it never happens but we never know. Now t night we have all kinds of eyes glowing in the dark at the end of the property line. I flash them with the lite and they doin't budge an inch now. There not my house cats. Just lastnight it was what looked like two racoons. There goes the garden for sure. With no blackbear season in this state yet were being over run with bears already. Were very careful going out at night now too we just never know whats out there. My bird feeder is empty and my moltrie deer feeder is also off too now. I only feed the deer when the snow cover is on. The bears are becomming such a problem some of the towns are passing laws that we can't have bird feeders out in the summertime now because they attract the bears. We have mountainlions too so were being over run with predators and there not on the menu for hunting yet. There more protected than humans are. to shoot or not too shoot; Bigbill
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Re: Visiting bear & lynx/bobcat

Postby beaconlight » Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:28 pm

When it finally gets some ones kid listen to the wails of the tree huggers.

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