Re: tater harvest

Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:32 pm

Thanks guys!!--we only harvest the best quality,--then keep it fresh until delivery to the mission!---they eat right along with us, so to speak!---if I pick 2 bushels of something and we only need a half bushel,---they get the rest!---we dont give/take second rate veggies to anyone,---its top quality or it goes to the chickens or the compost pile!

Just got a big hammer mill to process chicken feed/corn/etc. to help lower the feed cost a little if I can!---the eggs are top quality,--the chickens eat very good and our eggs show that in the tests!!---we keep them in 2 fridges until ready to haul in!---today I picked up 57 eggs and that has been the norm for several days now so most of the young birds must have started to lay now!---wont take long to fill a couple 30 dozen crates at that rate! thanks; sonny