Onion harvest time

Sat Jul 12, 2014 10:31 pm

just started onion harvest when we got hit by high winds/rain/hail/etc.---storm dumped 2.1 " of it in a couple hours early this morning and beat down everything that I cultivated yesterday!---no standing water due to our loose dirt, so it soaked right down.
The sweet corn was blown down 3 times in 1 week but now is waist to shoulder high and really growing.
The onions had 4 kinds that were ready to pull and the rest of them need a week or two to finish maturing! We now have onions laying on the porch trying to get them to dry a little so we can head them down to storage or find new owners for them! LOL!!! ----we planted 2,400 or so and lots of them weigh over a pound each!---Lotta onions here!
Late beans about 6" tall and may make a bean or two! Cabbage about ready to harvest too.---tomatoes loaded with green ones, and found 1 red one, (kinda odd)---and it did taste really good!
Gotta try to get some pics up soon,---just been busy weeding and cultivating! thanks; sonny