A bit of garden done

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A bit of garden done

Postby SONNY » Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:11 pm

Today it did dry a little on top but still too wet down a few inches, so I made 1 pass with the big tiller then a pass with the Troy over the new row area so I can get the onion sets planted.---The onion plants look good so far.---just need more weed killer spread on and a heavy dose of 12-12-12 to carry them into the summer when they will probably need water.---I have the water injector ready and a BIG ole pump on it now!! ---really puts a lot of water in the ground, and the cub will pull it just fine! ( did a test pull to see!)
Still trying to get the taters in, the weather is not been very friendly so far this spring either!---been a struggle from the go!---Everything will be late, like last year and some stuff just wont get planted!
How are all you guys doing with your planting and other garden work??? thanks; sonny

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