My starter generator on my 154

Sun Nov 19, 2006 11:24 am

Right now my starter generator on my 154 cub seems to turn over very slow is that the norm? I have a new 600CCA battery do i need a larger one. I have thin oil in my cub for the winter and i plan on leaving it outside since the sims cab is so much higher it won't fit in the garage. I hope it starts when it snows?

Do you use oil heaters of engine block heaters on your cub?

In the really cold weather when its stormy i would put a spotlite under the oil pan on my 55 cj5 jeep tractor to keep it a little warm outside.

Sun Nov 19, 2006 12:20 pm

The starter generator should easily crank over the engine.

1st. Suggest cleaning up the battery terminals and all connections. Check the condition of the battery.

2nd. Clean up and new brushes and bearings in the starter generator. Brushes and bearings are available from you local autoparts store. Not terribly expensive. I just rebuilt one. The autoparts store had the bearings on hand. They had to special order the brushes.

I use 30 wt oil in my Cub year around. I don't use the Cub very much in winter. My Cub starts easily in 20 degree weather.

I have a couple of magnetic block heaters. Used them on vehicles. Should work on a Cub. The water circulating heaters work extremely well on vehicles. But, with the Cub there is no place to put one.