Seat time today with my 154

Tue Mar 13, 2007 7:04 pm

Ok my new house was an estate sale and the place was let go for many years. My gravel driveway is 6" higher than my garage floor. Gee i wonder why they had water in the garage last spring when i looked at the house? My point is my 154 snow plow is done except for the hydra turn so i mounted it on my 154 and started changing the pitch of my gravel driveway. It worked great I dropped it at least 4" today. The rear wheels with the ladder chains(thanks to Ralph) and the wheel weights worked great, it never spun a tire it just pushed. I never got to try it in the snow because it won't fit in the garage with the plow on yet. I'm sure the way it pushes dirt it will surely push snow too. I may add another set of rear wheel weights by the fall and put on my front wheel weights too. I did take the 154 out in the snow to feed the deer on my property and had problems steering without enough weight on the front wheels i'm sure that front wheel weights will correct this. I'm very impressed with the performance of my 154 so far. It has a lot of yard work to do this summer too. I don't know if the spring thaw has something to do with it but its pushing dirt, gravel and rocks with no problem and the plow will dig down too.

BTW: This is my reworked jeep snow plow and i put vertical aggussets on the lower steel wear blade on the back to hold the 1/2" X 4" x 57" steel blade solid and they sit level with the blades lower wear edge. When backing up these aggussets act to dig up more while back plowing with the blade(backing up). Each aggusset acts like the rear earth plow you put on the back of your farmall cubs they break the soil as you back up that aids the leveling process a lot. I only put 6 on the back of the plow and i may add mopre too. I'm sure they would also break up ice when backing up too. I made each one level with the lower lip on the blade so it won't affect it when going forward but they work awesome when backing up there like little rippers and then the blade lip levels what they dig up.

I been thinking of welding on some 1"x6" bar stock on each back side of the blade verticle (on an angle) too. Then i can pitch the blade to the right and the left so i can control the side pitch for drainage. I can do a convex contour on my driveway using weight lifter weights on the 1" bar stock. I can add weight to one side so the plow will tilt to that side. The bulldozers have hydraulics to do this but i think the weights added to one side will do the samething.

Tue Mar 13, 2007 8:39 pm

Got any pictures :?: