Question about mower decks

Sat Oct 18, 2008 9:00 pm

Now that I am done cutting grass, I have the deck apart to replace a couple bearings in the spindles. It's a 3160-A deck, I believe - two rollers out in front and one centered in back. While I am at it, I thought I may as well replace or rework the deck rollers as they are showing wear in the centers and the pins are pretty worn also. I will call the parts guys at CNH Monday to see if these are available and how much they cost but, I thought someone on here may have been down this road already and be willing to share their experience. I am considering other options too, like just reworking the rollers I have and putting bearings or bushings in the ends to bring them back into more reasonable shape. I could also use steel pipe to make new rollers and go with bearings in the ends. I don't know what that would be like, running steel rollers. I will rework the guide holes too as they are also worn quite a bit. I might check on the anti wrap cups that go around the bottom of the spindle housings too or rework the ones I have if they are unavailable.
Does anyone have any wisdom they would like to share on this project?

Re: Question about mower decks

Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:04 pm

On my 3260 IH mower deck I bought a new center roller (IH) part for the front and took two pieces of angle and welded them to both sides of the rear deck and purchased the smaller air filled tires from TSC)tractor supply) and bolted them up to the angle with collar spacers(5/8"). I know each deck i see is different but thats what i did with my 3260. I figure the side skids are mean't to be above the ground when the deck is sitting level.

For mower deck spindles i'm sure we can cross reference the bearing numbers and the seal sizes to over the counter stuff. Thats what i'm hoping to do with mine when i rebuild it.

I got really lucky so far with my 3260 deck it was growling when i first got it. I found the center spindle loose with play. I tightened it up and the bearings felt ok. After shooting a tube of grease in all 3 spindles its very quiet now. I figure most of these mower decks are dry from not being greased. I also found loose spindles on my cub cadet mower decks too. One deck the PO rebuilt and didn't set the bearings correctly. One little tweek with a wrench fix it. I just adjust it till there is no play in the blade I don't like to preload the bearings too much. Then its a shot of grease often.

Re: Question about mower decks

Sun Oct 19, 2008 5:57 pm

Thanks Big Bill.
The lower seal in the center spindle was letting dirt in and there is definitely some play there. I did try tightening it up but, there is a bit of wear in the bearings. At the price of a new deck, I think it's definitely worth two bearings and two seals for the center spindle. I will call the local bearing store tomorrow.
The right hand spindle housing and center spindle housing mounting bolts were working loose. Some noise was probably coming from that as well. I will replace them as well.
I am thinking about reusing the rollers and either putting bushings in or putting bearings in the ends and truing them up to run straight again. I can re align the pins and weld new brackets and bushings in place to get everything back to where it is supposed to be. I will probably price the rollers though just for grins.
:big afro:

Re: Question about mower decks

Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:39 pm

One more problem i have is my 3260 deck is scalping with the center spindle. I noticed there are not enough mounting bolts to hold the center spindle to the deck. I guess after a few crashes into small stumps my spindle mounting bracket is leaning making the center blade scalp sometimes. I need to add more securing bolts to the mounting plate so it will sit level again. Its just one more thing to look for when you take it apart or assemble the bigger decks. I noticed a gap between the mounting plate on the rear so its on an angle. Seeing the center blade scalping is the first clue.

I was out mulching leaves today with my int154 with the 3260 deck and its a dream to operate with the live PTO and the 60" deck.

Re: Question about mower decks

Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:56 am

Yes, I would definitely get the bolts in place. If the hub is cast iron and there are bolts missing it will eventually crack, if it's not already. Cast iron is strong but, does not take shock real well, and that is what is happening each time you scalp something. Loose or missing bolts down there can be a problem.

Re: Question about mower decks

Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:31 pm

I believe my spindle attaches to a mounting plate its 3/16 or 1/4" plate. Then it attaches to the deck. On the rear of the plate there isn't any bolts, no holes for them. I plan on drilling new holes for more bolts.

My deck was in mint condition when i told my daughter i would mow her lawn. Her place is about two acres and not far away from me. My son cut a tree down and left the stump sticking up but the grass hid it. Of course not knowing the place i slammed into it stalling the tractor and launching it in the air i hit it so hard. After bending some sheetmetal guards i got it back running again. But i noticed a space between the rear mounting plate and the deck on the center spindle its tilted. I'll fix it after the grass mowing and mulching season is done.

Re: Question about mower decks

Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:27 pm

It is good to see some inf on the decks. I've got a 154 with what I believe is the 3160 deck. It has been a bit "growly" from time to time. The right hand spindle nut loosens up and the shaft starts to drop. A little grease goe a long way. I've been contemplating what to do to alleviate the a bit of scalping. The wheel idea sounds like a good one. I'm sure the majority of us are planning on overhauls / rebuilds once the leaves are complete.

Re: Question about mower decks

Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:12 am

Mine was growling at first really bad until i greased all three spindles. I think i pumped 1 tube of grease in the deck. Now its much quieter but i still hear the whirling sound from the blades/belts. Soon i'll service all 4 of my mower decks so the'll be ready for springtime. In the spring i like to turn the key and cut.... :{_}: