154 project started

Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:14 am

This was going to be a change the fluids, freshen the engine and check PTO project. Then it's Well, might as well do this, then that. Seems like a lot more parts to these modern tractors than the standard Cubs. I'm going to use my standard procedure and start with the finals, transmission, and brakes. I have all the seals, gaskets and brake bands ready to go. The sandblasting / painting part is going to be the hardest to get done as it's 20 degrees with snow on the ground now. But I did get to plow snow with my '57 for 2 hours the other night.

Re: 154 project started

Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:17 am

Looks like you have a few fun filled days ahead of you!! Good Luck!

Re: 154 project started

Mon Dec 22, 2008 12:57 pm

I've got my friend's 154 here to replace the rear engine seal, but I'm not going to get carried away. :) :)


Re: 154 project started

Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:18 pm

WOW... Fillet of Cub! It is really neat to see them all carved up and on the floor like that. I am sure that it will be as good as new when you are done with it... Good luck on the project and keep posting pics back!

Mike in La Crosse, WI

Re: 154 project started

Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:09 pm

Your off to a great start!!! Keep us posted with pics!!!

Thats exactly what my int154 needs too. soon...... :roll: Both my int154's..... :lol:
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Re: 154 project started

Sun Dec 28, 2008 2:49 pm

mine too , the one needed a lot of work and i got it all done and mowed with it aseveral times , nice too , then the steering brace broke .and i have another all torn apart some in boxes , that one i have never heard run , i thought about just using the motor for the hi crop 1951 cub and parting the rest out , but i am tryin to lean away from that and just get the 51 motor un stuck.

Re: 154 project started

Wed Feb 04, 2009 4:31 pm

Keith, when you say a project I guess you mean a project. Well, if your going to do it, do it right; I just wanted to wish you luck, and hope you post a lot of photos. Its great watching a Cub come back to life, and if your first photo is any indication of what you’re going to do, this one is going to be a gem!!!

Good luck with your project,

Re: 154 project started

Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:33 am

So far frame is sandblasted and primed, too cold to paint yet. transmission new seals and input bearing, finals new seals all around & new brake bands, new clutch and pilot bearing, stater generator new brushes, and regulator, dist cleaned and lubing waiting for pertronix unit, engine block and head at the machine shop for at least a cleaning and valve grind and new guides, IPTO rebuilt with all new bearings and belts, rebuilt the hyd pump. I'm doing everthing on this one as it is going to be my mowing machine. I have been using a '55 loboy but the increased power and IPTO should be nice. These 154's are expensive to work on.

Re: 154 project started

Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:36 pm

So far it looks like you have graduated from the "Scatter Cub 101" graduate course. :lol:

Hopefully you will get your 154 up and rolling soon. Keep us posted with progress pics.

Re: 154 project started

Thu Feb 05, 2009 5:11 pm

Sounds like its gonna be like new when you are done. Keep it up and lets see some photos!

Re: 154 project started

Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:45 pm

Checkout that frame closely for cracks. I seen one int154 that was the worst i ever seen a cracked frame. It was cracked top and bottom were the frame goes from narrow to wide on the radious's on the top lips. Even the engine mounting ears were cracked too. Of course this tractor had to be beat on really bad too. This 154 has no 3pt hitch too. I have no clue why that frame was cracked so bad. On my two int154's so far i see no signs of cracks anywhere.

I found the PTO assembly to be very expensive. There is one on ebay for $300 i think and it costs around $1,200 I think at IH. I'm lucky that both my PTO's are in good condition. One of my pto's is going in my extra parts bin for my first 154 if i ever need it.

This is the way to restore them your doing it the right way. I did this to a 122 cub cadet that i just purchased and the engine would shake on start up and when i pulled the 12 hp kohler out of the frame i found 4 cracks in the frame from the engine bolt holes into the front axle support area. I ground out the cracks(vee) and drilled holes at the end of each crack and welded up up solid. Then i ground the welds flush so the engine will sit flush again. At the sametime i found the engine was running hot too much hotter than my other cadets. I found the fan screen full of cut grass so the engine had no air flow cooling it. This is a brand new replacement 12hp kohler thats about 2 yo. My point is by taking them all apart we never know what we will find inside them and when were done we end up with a new tractor too.

I have one suggestion. Since the worst cracks i've seen are in the "S" part of the frame were it goes from wide to narrow. I would think about boxing the frame in this area to strengthen it. I think using a vertical plate in the same thickness as the frame is will work great.

Re: 154 project started

Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:44 pm

WisconsinCubMan wrote:WOW... Fillet of Cub! Mike in La Crosse, WI

??? thats an awful big cub????

Re: 154 project started

Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:53 pm

RonHarper wrote:
WisconsinCubMan wrote:WOW... Fillet of Cub! Mike in La Crosse, WI

??? thats an awful big cub????

Yup its a cub cadet on steroids with an fcub engine.

Re: 154 project started

Sat Feb 14, 2009 11:36 pm

The most disturbing thing about this whole series of posts "154 project started" is the statement "got to plow some snow for 2 hours" What do y'all do for fun get a root canal! :lol: :lol: Meanwhile in Oklahoma it is a balmy 68 degrees with a light southwest wind and its only 30 days till the crappie start biting good. NAh Nah nah nah :{_}:

Re: 154 project started

Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:18 am

Plowing snow just isn't fun anymore, were getting too much snow now. We just need snow on christmas eve thats it.

Its warming up here right now its 29 degrees. I'm jones'n to go bass fishing i miss the topwater action.

I miss the seat time when cutting the grass too. I just relax and let the 3260 mower deck do its thing. I did notice the 154 is missing the cup holder.... :lol: