Re: Just when I thought the 154 was done.

Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:20 pm

ToddW wrote:I've wondered why IH didn't put live PTO on these too. My pto lever is is to get to engage, getting it out is trickier on my fcub

Hamiltonbob your the man on these for sure.

Since i'm removing my PTO assembly on my #2 154 I will take it apart to learn them too. Just one more extra spare part on the shelf. I notice it locks up buy won't stay released. I can drive the tractor from the PTO by hand.

It seems to me that IH went in two different directions with the cubs trying to offer the estate owner and the small farmer with two different tractors. Its too bad they never designed one tractor with all the good features like the live PTO. I can raise the 3260 deck with it running and feather it into the bambo to chop it up while the clutch is down, the live PTO to me is a very important feature. Having a real HI/LOW heavy durty tranny would be good too.