154 cub loboy mowing

Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:48 am

I finally got some seat time again after a few pit stops but what an awesome mowing machine the 154 really is. I mowed my 2 acres and then mowed my daughters place that has 2 acres not far away from me. Shes running great again and almost ready for tune up and new paint.

After fixing the tranny fork (1st & rev) the tranny is awesome now too. I closed up the shifter gates on 1st & rev and 2nd & 3rd too and then tac welded those in place. Its no longer sloppy shifting it.

Re: 154 cub loboy mowing

Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:35 pm

Just the opposite for me. My son was mowing with my 154 in the front so I decided to mow a small area in a back field. I normally leave most in blackberry bushes for me, milkweed for the butterflies, and tall grass for the deer. The grass was 3 feet or so tall so I got my Fcub with 42 inch wood and set to mow around my pond. It reminded me why I hate mowing with a fcub. I finally got my Lowes' lawn tractor and put the cub away. Nothing better than the numbered series for mowing.

Re: 154 cub loboy mowing

Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:52 am

I guess i'm spoiled too with the int154 for mowing. I use a 122 cub cadet for trimming with a 42" deck. I'm putting a Kub Klipper brush hog on my fcub to keep the brush down under the pine trees. I hate putting my finish mowers under there. I been told my int154 with the 3260 - 60" mower deck is too big for my two acres of property. All i can think of is a Farmall super A with the 70" or 80" deck. The wider the deck the less time spent mowing is my thought. When i had the gravely's I had the 72" gang reels and i mowed a 1/4 acre lot in a few sweeps of the reels. It took me longer to put the wings out than mow the property that gets my vote for less time mowing.

Mowing flash backs; I remember mowing in the early 60's as a 10yo kid with my uncle and after we finished mowing we would split a can of beer. Now every time i smell the fresh cut grass I think of my uncle and get the urge for some beer.

But on the other hand i like the farmall cub too maybe its the feeling of the old iron and those who passed before me who ran the small farms who really built the foundation for this nation and what it is today. I like them all.