Potential problems with 154 lo-boy

Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:04 am

I may be about to purchase Cub number 2. It comes with a mower. What are the potential problem areas to look for. I tried to search this forum but the search function seems to me down.

Re: Potential problems with 154 lo-boy

Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:17 am

Paul, the 154's have an inherent weakness in the clutch area. It was a much different design with the clutch being located at the front of the transmission rather than at the flywheel. This was done to facilitate the live pto function. I believe there are also some issues with cracks in the frame. All in all, these are excellent mowing tractors and it is my feeling that is what they were primarily designed for.

Re: Potential problems with 154 lo-boy

Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:27 am

Thanks bigdog. My wife asked why I was buying another since I already have one I'm working on. I didn't know what to say? I hate it when she attacks me with logic. :?

Re: Potential problems with 154 lo-boy

Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:52 am

My standard response is "I might need parts."

Re: Potential problems with 154 lo-boy

Sun Aug 16, 2009 4:30 pm

I just sneak them home when she is at work. Then i hide them. Of course my son comes over and says i see you got another one dad. I just tell him its an old one and its been here for a while.

Ok what to look for in an int154 cub loboy;

They say the rear frame splits where the frame attaches to the tranny infront of the bolt holes. (I have three 154's so far with no cracks) I did look at one 154 that had engine bracket cracks from abuse and the frame was cracked it the engine area too were the frame bends to go narrower from the engine. If its cracked its very visable. The crack is right on top of the C channel frame.

Check the clutch for slippage. I just stand on the brakes with the tranny in 1st gear and let the clutch up. If the engine stalls out right away you have a good clutch. If the engine continues to run the clutch is slipping. If it takes a while to stall the engine the clutch may need deglazing. (just more usage/runtime) On my last 154 the clutch was slipping at first then the more i used it the less it slips. Now it just spins the tires with no slippage.

Check for noises in the PTO area near the twin belts in the engine area. This is where the driveshaft drives the twin vee belts to the pto take off shaft. If it has a noise it maybe a bad pulley.

Checkout the PTO clutch for engagement and slippage. (lever)

If it has a 3pt put the arms up to see if they leak down. While your waiting look over the rest of the tractor.

Check the finals for oil leaks were the slots are for the brake levers.

Check the steering for excessive play. (steering box or center arm)

Check the radiator for leaks.

Check the color of the engine oil to see if its been taken care of. (maintenance) I would perfer to see clean motor oil. Check the engine for blowby and exhaust smoke too.

Look at the tires for checking(cracks). Really bad checking the tires will have to be replaced in the near future.

Push the top of the tire to check the wheel bearings and spindles(bushings) in the front axle.

Remember to haggle the price if you find things that need to be repaired. There's nothing that can't be fixed if the price is right too. Let us know if you buy it, we need pics too.

"hamiltonbob" on ebay has plenty of 154 parts too.

Re: Potential problems with 154 lo-boy

Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:44 am

Thanks for the help guys. I drove 3 hours one way pulling my trailer but the tractor turned out to be junk. There were so many rust holes in the mower it looked like the only thing holding it together was the dried grass clippings. Hood and grill trashed. He wanted 2900. I told him there was no point in haggling because I wouldn't go over $800. Guess I really don't need another project at this time anyway. My loboy is torn apart, my IH454 is torn apart, my RV is not completed yet.

Re: Potential problems with 154 lo-boy

Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:35 am

Keep looking!!!!!
Remember the prices and the conditions do vary between the sellers. Some think they have gold after they ran it into the ground. Stay at your price range and stay looking......

So whats a reasonable price for a int154? Its the condition, how good it runs vs what you want to spend. But i also figure in how bad i want it too. (sometimes) It just speaks to me.....(my gut feeling) I think a decent running 154 with a mower my highest price would be Max 2k. But it has to be a turn key tractor plus look good too.

There are a lot of good buys on ebay right now too. Just look how the prices vary on ebay.

Don't give up looking there a great mowing machine. There worth the time restoring too if they can be had at the right price.

Remember with tractors we need to look thru the roughness because there's a jem underneath it all.

My fcub needs restoration, my 154 project is started, my two other 154's need paint and wiring, I have a few cub cadets to restore too. My list is growing too.

Re: Potential problems with 154 lo-boy

Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:27 pm

Whoa hold up BB. 2 grand for a loboy. a measly 2K for the finest peice of engineering ever to come from the loins of the great Cyrus McCormick. Ok maybe not that great, but your talking like a tractor jockey . My 154 has a creeper, dual brakes, 3 point, 5 foot international deck, new paint and decals, new wires, new harness, zenith carb, turf tires, a grader blade, a box blade, a one bottom plow, a 4 foot disc, a cultivator and 1/2 a unit of my blood and the end of my pinky finger somewhere inside it. And your given 2 K I won't take a dime less than 2100. :lol: :lol: just kidding you pirates leave me alone. GT
PS they work great, Mow pretty and are comfotable to drive but they are old and one should match the job to the tractor. Grandpa went to California in a Model T one time but he "wouldn't reccomended it" If your pulling stumps or mowing around 200 trees then get a JD or Ford 20 hp diesel too pull the stumps and a zero turner to mow the forest. They are fun to tinker with and cheaper than restoring a model A or 55 t-bird. The main thing is to have fun with it. If you would rather be golfin or fishin or huntin or anything elsein don't mess with them. Kind of like picking your poison. GT :||):

Re: Potential problems with 154 lo-boy

Fri Sep 04, 2009 3:29 pm

You should beable to pick up a 154 in running condition with a 60" mower deck I would say for 2k but i have seen them as high as 3,500 too. I've seen them cheaper too but some of them were like parts tractors. I been lucky with a few purchases but not that lucky sometimes too but it all evens out in the end. Remember the more attachments it has the price does go up.

Re: Potential problems with 154 lo-boy

Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:34 pm

In all seriousness......No really I am serious. I gave 2500 in 1993 or 94 for my Lowboy. It had a 60 inch deck, 3 point and snow plow, which a promptly turned into a grader blade. It also had a "factory tilt trailer". It was running good and I used it alot in my mowing business. The little tractors are almost unheard of around my part of the world. Truthfully I had never seen one before, and I have been around farm equipment my whole life. I fell in love with it and bought it off my father in law, who was the second owner. My trouble started when I decided to "improve" it by replaceing the clutch that my no good brother rode to death. I found a creeper then I decided to get dual brakes, Then it needed more power so I put a new Zenith on it. In brief if I would have left it alone It I could have mowed everyday. But there were driveways to grade, and stalls to clean, and wrenches that were lonely. God Bless my saintly wife. So if you can get into a good one around 2k that don't need nothin then booyah. But If it needs very much look around and remember They wouldn't be selling it if they were in luv with it. Go in Peace Grasshopper GT :wink: