154 build update

Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:03 am

I finally got my gas engine welder running and it works awesome. For some reason i'm laying better beads with the gas engine than with the house current. My house is on the end of the grid line so i may not have exactly 100amps comming into the house. (I wonder now)

Just yesterday i really looked everything over and here is my opinion and overview;

Well i got the right and left subframes on the front of the frame for the FEL. I just tac'd them inplace at the top of the frame. I used 5" C channel. I did level the tractor frame at all four points to make sure its level. You don't want to fabricate the subframes with the frame twisted. I did notice the frame does flex easily but it won't for long. The vertical part of the frame walls isn't exactly vertical too. I'm going to use the right and left subframe with the cross beam to pull the frame exactly vertical on the side walls. I have to square it all up as i go to make sure it as close to being square as i can make it. The more fussy i am the better it will come out. Pics to follow.

Remember when the backhoe is in operation the whole machine is up on the subframe.

Right now i'm planning on using a piece of 1/2" plate for a cross beam to connect the front subframe to the rear subframe for the backhoe. Don't forget i'm fabricating everything but the hydraulics.

In planning the rear subframe i'm going with the 3pt hitch setup. I'm going to add the C Channel to the top of the frame where the 3pt hitch frame would be. These C Channels(two R&L) will go out the back to the rear backhoe bracket. Then two more channels or heavy angle will go under the tractor from the cross beam to the backhoe bracket. Along the way they will be connected to the finals.

Trust me its not as heavy as it sounds. I know i need to keep it light too but yet strong. One more thing is if the tranny and finals need repair it has to beable to be taken apart and fixed too. So access to the final bolts were it attaches to the tranny will need a space in the rear frame near the backhoe bracket so it all can be removed without too much work too.
I think its all very doable and it should be an awesome machine when its all done. I hope to have the tractor running with the FEL soon before the first snow. Then i'll work on the backhoe all winter when i can.

My FEL arms are already cut too there 6" C Channel cut on angles so they can be boxed and welded up and there over 54" right now and to be cut to size later. They will be stronger than the sheetmetal arms plus there not that much more weight. I have 4140 steel structural tubing to cut to install inside the arms for the hinges. I have thompson shaft for the hinge pins there case hardened. I plan to have zerk fittings so it can be greased. Remember these are slow moving.

Its fun to see the ideas and pictures in my mind come together. I'm just building it as i go.