184 steering bracket

Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:33 am

I noticed my steering a bit funny the other day on this 77 cub 184 lowboy. I got to looking thinking the bushings might be worn. I noticed the pivot arm could contact the front of the frame at some points because the paint was worn off up there. I started pulling things apart and noticed my main steering pin the main pivot pivots on was loose. I pulled the bracket and then noticed that if it were turned around (the main bracket), everything should clear better. To be sure, I looked in the parts manual. The manual shows it facing the wrong way, with the notch facing away from where the oil pan would go. I looked at my oil pan and sure enough it was rubbing too. I have never seen something incorrect in a manual like this before. Has anyone else run into similar things?

I re welded the main pivot pin, re assembled the bracket and pivot arms and set the tow in on the front end. Everything clears now. If I had that off before- and it's possible, I must have assembled it according to the pic in the manual. Whether it was me or that way when I got the machine, it has been that way for a long time. I should have been looking at things like a mechanic would instead of an assembly person. I hope this will help direct someone else in the future.

Re: 184 steering bracket

Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:51 pm

Good tip. I notice on my 154 build the arm were the drag link connects is loose so it needs a bushing (i hope). But the pivot part of the front axle seems to be welded and repaired at some point with new collars to hold the axle pin in place too. I guess we need to checkout the whole front axle setup when looking to repair it. The frame on this tracor looks to be ok and the rear part has no cracks too. The only wear is at the front axle and the Pto pulley on the pto shaft was wornout at the twin belts. Other than that my 2nd 154 looks ok. I have it torn down to the rollin frame and drivetrain. I'm working on the subframe while the drive train is in it so i'm sure it will clear everything.