Finally! Clutch replacement and offering spare parts

Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:51 pm

Got my 154 back mowing :{_}: No small feat for this non-mechincal dude. Problem turned out being the flywheel pin on the back side of the drive shaft. I ended up replacing the clutch and release bearings and didn't really need to. Once I got them on the clutch brake wasn't working ultill today. I finally got a short piece of rebar to see if I could manually stop it. Once I did it adjusted the pads in the right direction or burnt off the lube or whatever. Now It works and so can I, that is until I ran into a nest full of ground hornets and one stung me on the lip. I had to leave everything there and head to the ER due to a reaction that I have never experienced before. Been stung by every bee, wasp, hornet Indiana has to offer multiple stings at once and on places such as inside a nostril and on my tounge but this one on my lip really dinged me.

Anyways thanks to all you guys out there that helped me work through this and if anyone is looking for a used clutch package and release bearings send me an email (rjmcduffee AT hotmail DOT com) and we can work it out. These are original and used but likeI said they were not broken. Email me and I can take pics and send them if you want. Give me an offer if you want. These will go onto ebay as soon as I get the pics if no one else wants em.

Thanks, Duff