154 value?

Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:04 pm

Hey all. I believe I'm getting ready to sell my 154 LoBoy. I bought it, used it for a year, then bought a 185. I'm getting the 185 into good running condition, and really don't need both the 154 and the 185. As a result, I'm thinking about selling my 154.

As it sits, the carb was just recently rebuilt (under a month ago), the generator rebuilt last year, and the PTO drive belts are new. The rear end leaks once the machine is shut off, does not leak while running, and the key switch is wrong. It could use paint, because someone along the way painted it John Deere green and yellow.

I have a 3260 deck that isn't mounted. The center spindle on the deck is bad and needs to be replaced.

What do y'all estimate this stuff would be worth as-is, and repaired? I'm tempted to sell the mower deck now, but I worry that it will be hard to move the tractor without a deck. At the same time, if it's going to be a big price difference, it might be worth holding onto the stuff over the winter and doing the repairs (probably not the paint, though) then trying to sell in the spring.


Re: 154 value?

Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:12 pm

Its tough to put a price because each location draws a different value. I'm seeing running 154's between $1,000 to $1,500. With some that are lookers priced at $3,500 but there in good running condition. This tells me with a little work and paint you could be at least $2,000 and even higher? A rattle can spray job can me more $$ in the end. You could pretty her up and ebay it?

Sell the deck with the 154....

To be honest i paid $1,700 for my #3 int154 with a IH snow/dirt plow plus the tire chains and wheel weights. She's not a looker but when i heard the engine i knew it was an awesome running 154. On the other hand my 1st 154 that was running with a 3260 mower deck cost me only $800 thats all he wanted for it. Now my non running 154 was only $400 complete no attachments. So its a broad range of prices. I've seen these go for much higher.