Newbie with a 154 lo boy

Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:50 pm

Just purchased a 154 or should I say a great deal. A friend of mine called me and said he had found a lo boy for 200 bucks.My first question is whats the matter with it and is it a pile of rust.He said nope.Looks like it had a cracked head but the owner has another head that he bought off ebay. I told him Ill make the 75 mile drive with my trailer if he thinks it looks ok.
So i went to his house and we went to see this lo boy.As soon as I saw it-I knew where it was going.The owner wasnt there and my friend said that the grill is missing.Owner came about 15 mins later and I paid him for machine.He said I have another block and head that goes with it.I said great and what about the grill.He says its here and found it.Not in best shape but 90% there so some fiberglass work ahead.
He then got me the starter generator .He said its missing the side panels but they are here so Ill have to find them for ya.He also told me he got tired of changing out the pto clutch so he installed another pulley which requires three belts and a right hand gear box with a stainless chain and sprokets to run the mower deck.
I bought this Sunday and today I fired it up for the first time and it ran great without any smoke.I had installed the head yesterday and the previous owner also had a new gasket set that he gave me. I ran the engine about 30 mins but radiator has a small leak that will have to be fixed.The deck ran well. I could not get the deck to lower but I had tried this without it running.I guess it may need to be running to get hydralics to work.Anyway Ill post pics as soon as possible

Re: Newbie with a 154 lo boy

Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:08 pm

Sounds like an excellent buy!

Re: Newbie with a 154 lo boy

Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:45 pm

Wow ! Did you ever get a deal. :applause: I am glad it all worked out so well :D

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