cub 154 single plow

Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:25 pm

i made this plow to fit too cut a ditch to let some water flow worked pretty good pulled it fine/ i got three small attechments to play with this summer. ill post a better pic we got snow again :( Image :D

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Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:38 am

Nice! What was it from, what size is it, and what modifications did you have to do to make to it work?

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Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:41 am

That plow might not move much snow 12" at a time.

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Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:59 pm

outdoors4evr wrote:Nice! What was it from, what size is it, and what modifications did you have to do to make to it work?
steve wrote
im not sure what its from im thinking david bradly or gravely. i was at auction were i bought three items from the same guy and he had a couple gravelys, they were all pull behinds one pin hookup. my neigber said the plow in pic is a 6 or 8 inch plow. probally why it works so good pulling it. im making em all so i can slide em in a 2x2 box reciver i got two done but the plow in pic. i got to fix the handle crank thingy that will tip the plow up and down it either skims or plows to china now. ill post some pics soon ,,,the other two are nice but only 40 inches wide i think. paid 80 bucks for all three i figured id try em. was looking for a box blade and a rear scoop but they dident have any of those and the $ was burning a hole in my pocket..steve

Re: cub 154 single plow

Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:32 pm

here is the other attechments i thought the were all for a farmall a becouse the were red and my farmall a dont have a rear hitch, so i no nothing about hitches or tractors ,i thought mabee they were for the fast hitch but no.... but i did know the front plow would work with the right brackets for the lowboy :? Image the packer thing with the spring teeth hanging down workes good for loosing the dirt up i used em all towing behind my lawn tractor last year but it was killing it thats y i bought the lowboy with the 3 point aint farming just burning gas playing around with em garding hopefully.. pics are bad but ther from last fall

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Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:31 am

Nice attachments, I like having the 3pt hitch. I think its the most popular invention that changed the history of farming for ever at the time.

I fabricated a 3pt single tooth ripper so i could attach it to my int154 cub loboy with the 3pt hitch. I wanted to pull up and out the small rocks in my field. The little mower land mines turned out way bigger than i thought. The little rocks that stuck up were just the tip of the "rock bergs" The ripper did pull out the smaller rocks but really loosened up the larger boulders which my fcub with the duallies gladly ripped out of the holes. It was a team effort with both tractors. I'm still not done yet but i'll wait for my backhoe to be finished to do the rest of them for they appear to be even bigger. The ripper tooth does loosen up the hard pack really easy.

My fcub with the cultivators also chewed thru lots of small roots from the over growth we cut on my land since '57 its been not taken care ofr and just let go. I then went thru it with the 100 cub cadet with the rear tiller to chop up everything else. Then my int154 with the snowplow/dirt blade smoothed it all out and now i have a spot o plant my corn.

At the rear of my property we cut about 30'+ back of the over grown brush too. Again the 100 w/ tiller went in after the fcub w/cultivators tore up those roots too. I'm reclaiming my land and finding out i have more land than i thought at first. We took more than 15 rack body truck loads of the over grown brush so far.

My point is i run and use them all as a team, my little excavation company surely can do some damage too. When i purchased this estate sale i never knew it needed this much work. But anyone of these awesome IH machines will do the work. I'm glad i have them all. Bill

BTW; My next attack for my IH equipment will be at my camp/land in VT. This land is untouched for well over 75 years now. And wall to wall timber. I just want to clean up the blow downs and cut little roads so the cubs will fit in them so i have access to the wood and the deer will use the roads for trails too go from the bottom land to the upper part of the mountain.
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Re: cub 154 single plow

Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:38 am

i agree if willing to go slow and take your time the low boy can do alot. i have a case 780 backhoe and a grader and roller and dumptruck but i like playing wasting time with my son who is 10 now he likes driveing and messing around but i dont like him on my big stuff yet ..soon though