New tractor advice

Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:54 pm

I recently received a 154 as a "hand me down” from my father. It was stored in his barn for the last 7 or 8 years. My Dad told me that both clutches were bad but the motor and everything else worked the last time it was ran, so last Sunday I decided to take on a new project.

I began to tear it down so that I could get access to the clutches(including unbolting the motor and moving it ahead 2 inches because the drive shaft was welded together) and sure enough the PTO needs to be , hopefully adjusted, but possibly replaced. The main Clutch I think is more of a linkage issue. Upon my inspection and the research I found that the clutch brake liners were worn completely down to the brake retainer, the clutch brake bolt was a piece of all-thread with a series of washers and bolts, and the release bearing was shot.
Other issues I found: Only one belt for the PTO.... the motor was seized... and the strainer and gasket for the fuel bowl need to be replaced.
Fortunately I was able to find and order all my parts online Sunday evening.
So far I have been able to get the motor unseized, new head gasket and head reinstalled and the main bearing installed on the drive shaft. The rest of my parts came this evening so I should be able to start putting it all back together tomorrow evening.

In light of all of this I have came up with a couple of questions for you experienced owners:

1. Any advice for anything to look at while I have it torn apart, or anything I should change out before I put it all back together.
2. Is there any way to find the year my tractor was built without a SN? (The tag is worn down)

I am looking forward to eventually fully restoring this machine, but for now I think it will make a great mower with the 5 ft deck and wood hauler..

Re: New tractor advice

Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:52 am

You are looking at the right areas. I would recommend draining and replacing the oil in the transmission and the final drives as well. Use the IH HiTran oil.
Also, since the tractor has been sitting, clean up the battery cable connections and the places where the cables attach to the tractor.

Re: New tractor advice

Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:39 am

Look at the normal stuff, radiator for leaks, hoses, fuel lines, spark plus and wires etc...
While you are changing the transmission fluid you may as well change the filter at the same time.
I was going to say check the flex coupler on the transmission shaft but it sounds like that was the part welded.
Check the clutch driven disc on the transmission for looseness.
I would take the PTO clutch off and apart to check the bearings.
Adjust the PTO clutch

I have used copper rod for the main clutch brake pucks with good results although they are not needed but should be still available from Case.

You may need to remove the front spindles and clean off any old stale grease, regrease, so it steers easily.

Listen to the starter generator for a dry bearing.

Clean the carb.

As to what year, the only difference I know of is a change in the driveshaft sometime in the 1970?
Sounds like you have a 2 piece shaft which is one of the early 154s.

The PTO clutch is actually a good clutch and likely just needs adjustment. I have mine apart right now from a recent purchase and I will take photos of the assembly in case that helps.