154 LOBOY poppet ball & shifter rod installation

Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:06 pm

Having a little trouble with installation of shifter rods.. 2 questions: 1) shifter rods have 3 indents toward one end , and another about a inch or so from the other end, I cant remember how it was when I removed the rods ? I thought the end with the three indents were facing up and towards the front or by poppet ball bore ??

2) what technique does a person use to depress poppet ball, while inserting shifter rod through the bore??

Still a Rookie, still learning. would like to do it the right way, cause guessing can be no fun! thanks , Jim

Re: 154 LOBOY poppet ball & shifter rod installation

Sun Mar 20, 2011 3:22 pm

Got it. Had to think about for a minute , first I slid the shifter rod through the bore, all the way so rod exited front bore, then I installed spring ,poppet ball into bore,I pushed down on the ball with round pencil , and moved rod forward through front bore with 3 indents lined and facing poppet ball, I slid in till I could feel indent and ball check each other out. The other indent on shifter rod should be so that is lined up with fork bolt, to allow bolt to pass through. I run for help a bit early, sometimes the true lesson is constructive reasoning ..... I took some pictures, and will help describe the procedure for shifter rod / spring / poppet ball / clutch fork / installation . thanks,Jim