Rebuilding my 3260 mower deck

Sun May 01, 2011 6:17 pm

For the past few years my 3260 mower deck has been growling. I greased it with moly grease which fights corrosion and i tightened up the spindle nuts till there was no play in the shafts. Its been running ok but since i have the PTO apart and working on that i figured i tear down the 3260 deck and rebuild that too since i have all the parts. My son went to work on it with the impact gun and had it all apart in 30 minutes. Even the spindles came right apart too. Nothing was stuck or frozen, even the spacers are loose and slide right off the shafts too. I know we pumped a lot of grease in the spindles in the past 4 or so years since i been using it. Did i get lucky or what??? :big afro: Bill

BTW; Since were having all this wet weather now i dropped 150lbs of grass seed to ressed the lawn while we repair the int154 w/3260 deck. I figure in two weeks we should have her up and running, ready to cut grass in 4 or 5 weeks. I have started up 5 cadets so far. No dead batteries yet. Even my hobart welder started right up too.

Re: Rebuilding my 3260 mower deck

Tue May 03, 2011 3:11 pm

I popped the spindles apart today and the roller bearings are slightly corroded. Two of the lower seals are gone rubber wise. I have the spindles all apart now. It seems that most of the growling was from the bad PTO bearing. Everything looks ok and with 6 new bearings and seals it should be up and running. I did notice the center blade would scalp at times. The square steel plate that supports the middle spindle and the center of the mower deck housing is on an angle. It needs two bolts in the rear part of the plate to hold it firm and level to the lawn and housing.

How noisy is the 3260 deck when its running with good bearings???