PO farm repairs bites me

Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:19 am

It seems lately everytime i'm working my 3rd int154 changing my driveway pitch something breaks on my int154. The fcub guys better not start my fcub is apart too broken drive shaft. No really its from the PO shabby quick farm repairs thats biting me now. Stupid stuff like 1/2" carriage bolts in round holes on the snow plow brackets. You can't put a square peg in a round hole no matter how much you force it. I had to stop pushing dirt and change all the carriage bolts to new hex bolts. The next stoppage is when the threaded rod for the flywheel brake snapped. He used a piece of soft threaded rod instead of a high grade threaded rod when he repaired it the last time. Then i noticed the battery isn't fully charged up all the time. I cleaned the contacts in the regulator and noticed he has a starter / generator with the larger cub cadet pulley. Its common sense the 154 engine is 2,200rpm and the cadet kolher engine is 3,600rpm. The 154 uses a smaller pulley so it turns faster with the lower rpm. The quick fixes is like shooting yourself in the foot, you know its wrong but you do it any way. I find nails inplace of cotter pins all the time on everything.

I've deceided to go from bumper to bumper making a list of repairs thats needed to bring my 154 back to its orginal condition as it was from the factory. I need to go completely thru it now.

I used this 154 all winter snowplowing and it never failed me and we had a lot of snow last year too. I did not have to start the jeep tractor up even once the int154 did it all. If you have the right tire chains and wheel weights these tractors can do anything. The duo-cross link tire chains are the way to go. I can almost idle and push anything that needs to be pushed. One note the "S" hooks i used on the cross links need the open ends welded shut. I didn't think there was enough force to open up the "S" hook but there is. I'm going to make duo chains for everything now. These machines are work horses too.

I changed the pitch of my driveway between the heavy rain storms. I lowered it so the water flows slower so it won't wash out anymore. It worked. The int154 did it all. If i hire someone i won't get the job done like i want. My son is the laborer and i tell him how to do it.

Fact; I thought being a machine operator on a construction site was an easy job. I found out there's more to just dropping the plow and pushing. I can control the leveling, the sloping and the angle on any task. Its quite a job that takes knowledge too. The machine overall is kicking my butt too.

Re: PO farm repairs bites me

Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:42 am

Here we go again. More repairs. This is my 3rd int154 again. While under it the other day i noti9ced why my front axle is like floating around. I thought it was the bushing or sleeve being wornout. The hole in the frame for the axle to pivot is egged shaped and wornout. This is on the rear side of the front axle bracket. There is enough of the axle sticking out to weld a 1" id collar to the bracket so the axle is held tight and inline. Its a pretty quick good solid repair. I kind of gripe and titch but its normal wear for a machine thats this old. After the front axle is repaired i need to replace the clutch pressure plate and disc, plus the flywheel(or have it ground) and the throwout bearing or at least check it for wear. It needs a drive shaft too but i'm not sure if the one thats out of my fcub can be machined to fit it yet. The splines are like new on my broken fcub drive shaft. The only other option is to take the worn splines and weld them up with hard face and grind them good again. This int154 with the creeper and 54" ih snowplow has been my workhorse 154 out of my 3 of them. I been running this machine about 4 years now without touching it so far. Ya i know we need to go thru each tractor and fix whats wrong with it first. I just don't have the time yet. I been grooming my washed out driveway all summer because of the heavy rain fall. The only thing going good is the garden. Bill

I been pushing these machines way beyond there limits and i'm sure the PO's did too.

Re: PO farm repairs bites me

Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:53 am

I should think you would have noticed some of this before it bit you, as a rule you should check out any new tractor that you buy before you put it to use!!!

Re: PO farm repairs bites me

Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:05 pm

None of my numbered series tractors seem to break down.....
except when I go to use them.

The axle fix is a good idea that I will need to keep in mind.

Re: PO farm repairs bites me

Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:47 am

HamiltonBob has new driveshafts available for the 154.
Make sure you get one that is the shorter length for use with the creeper.

Re: PO farm repairs bites me

Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:24 pm

Boss Hog wrote:I should think you would have noticed some of this before it bit you, as a rule you should check out any new tractor that you buy before you put it to use!!!

I know your right i need to look closer at them when i purchase them. I have plenty of parts so i figure i can fix anything. This 154 runs like a dream and always starts right up. My 154 with the m,ower deck runs the sameway. My fcub is out for the count because of the broken drive shaft.

Now i'm going to use the broken fcub driveshaft that has perfect splines ( i hope there the same splines/size) then i can make a heavy sleeve to cover most of the drive shaft with key slots so i can weld it on both ends. At the sametime i'll have a stronger shaft in the mid section too.