My 3rd int154

Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:38 pm

Its been raining really heavy now and my driveway is washed out everytime so far. I purchased my #3 int154 about 5 years ago. last year it plowed snow all winter and wehad a bad season for snow. Now i'm hammering it pushing rocks and dirt filling in my driveway. What a machine the 154 really is and its over looked by many fcub owners. I admit it has a few things to repair were the PO didn't fix it right but i'll get to it soon. Having the creeper is a really big plus too. This 154 is surely taking up thje slack while my fcub and other mowing 154 are down. If your not sure if you want a 154 or not i say go for it. Check it out and get it for the right price too. Bill

Re: My 3rd int154

Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:19 pm

I have a lot of experience with the PO not fixing things right, Do you or anyone else have any pictures of these Machines in action?

Re: My 3rd int154

Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:06 pm

My kodak camera won't work on my new puter.

The biggest change i made with my fcub and my int154's is my home made duo-cross ladder chains in the ag tires. This year soon my ag's on my 3rd int154 will go back to my fcub as duallies and my extra set of 8,3x24 turf ties on 154 rims will go on my 3rd int154 with my duo-cross ladder chains. These chain links can't fall between the lugs on the ag tires. If you search the photo section here you will see my pics of my fabricated home made duo - cross ladder chains. The improvement over the regular ladder chains is unbelieveable. I don't need to push the rpm's up to make it work. Even my fcub would push snow at just above an idle. Having the traction put to the ground is all we need.