Front axle pivot pin??? 154

Fri Sep 09, 2011 1:10 pm

Ok on my 3rd int154 the front axle pivot pin hole in the bracket is wallowed out on the rear side. I ordered some 1" ID steel collars so i can put a collar over the wallowed out pivot pin hole and center it and weld the collar inplace over the wallowed out hole. there is plenty of the 1" pin sticking out past the bracket to do this repair. I'll still have enough clearance between the pin/collar and the drag steering link too. The thickness on the steel front axle bracket on the frame is really thin I think it should of had a collar on the rear side too to strengthen up that area with more pin holding surface. I'll have to look at my newer int154's to see if there was an upgrade in this area.

I'm actually having fun fixing them too.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem yet. This is on a late 60's int154 loboy. The pin hole on the rear side of the front end bracket on the frame is wallowed out. The pin on the front side is captured with a spring pin in a collar so it can't break free. Lately i see the axle and wheels moving forward and rearward on opposite sides as the axle beam pivots in the wallowed out rear hole. My other two int154's are ok. I figure its that some 154's get more abuse than the others. This 154 runs awesome but i guess its had the snots run out of it. I think it shows how tough these 154's really are too.

The pin actually made a cross up and down and right and left as it wallowed out the bore. These tractors are all covered in dirt and mud when we look at them so sometimes these problems aren't seem or caught. Its no biggie and its a quick repair with a new 1" bore collar and the electric 200amp glue gun with some stainless welding rod.(my forever rod)

Re: Front axle pivot pin??? 154

Sat Sep 10, 2011 3:59 pm

I had to go check my 3. All in good shape for now.

Re: Front axle pivot pin??? 154

Sun Sep 11, 2011 1:54 pm

If the pins is sticking out enough to tac weld a collar to the front axle bracket and its not wallowed out yet now maybe the time to strengthen it up and tac weld a collar to the bracket before it wallows out. I'm going to tac weld a collar on all my int154's to avoid that problem in the future. Bill

BTW; The story is on my 3rd int154 it has ag tires on the front (600-12 ag's) and it was used on mowing hill sides so the front end wouldn't slip out on the grassy hill sides. Plus it plowed snow too. I'm not sure what caused this kind of wear yet. That pin on the back side of the bracket just may need a shot of grease often too when we grease the tractor.