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184 new to me

Thu May 10, 2012 1:28 pm

i now have a cub 184 with a broken crank.
i can't seem to find one.
will an early crank work, or be made to work in this motor.

from what i can tell internally it looks identical to the c60 in my farmall cub.
exterior pulley and flywheel look different.

Re: 184 new to me

Thu May 10, 2012 2:52 pm

Yes, the crankshaft will interchange between a Farmall and a 184.

Re: 184 new to me

Thu May 10, 2012 3:51 pm

good news..
the main shaft running from the clutch to the tranny could be improoved upon.
im haveing a time finding this part also..
any source recommendations ?

Re: 184 new to me

Thu May 10, 2012 4:21 pm

Check with HamiltonBobsCubs, sponsor with link at the bottom of the page. If it's not listed in their catalog, I'd suggest giving them a call.


Re: 184 new to me

Thu May 10, 2012 7:23 pm

Jim Becker wrote:Yes, the crankshaft will interchange between a Farmall and a 184.

Did the 184 have a forged crank like the power units?

Re: 184 new to me

Fri May 11, 2012 7:38 am

I just finished the same project on my 184 last fall. Crank broke just behind the #4 journal.
Might want to check out what I found as a root cause.

HamiltonBobsCubs has the best prices (and service) on crankshafts for the 154/184. I would purchase a crank from a 154 or 184 rather than the farmall cub. They might be the same, but why gamble if cranks are available.

If the driveshaft splines are worn then you will also need to replace the clutch. Driveshafts are available from a dealer, but only for a 184 without a creeper. If you have a creeper then you have to buy the longer driveshaft from the dealer and then have it shortened and turned down to fit. Take your original driveshaft to the machine shop so they can use it as a template.
Buy your clutch plate from HamiltonBobsCubs because the price at the dealer just increased significantly.

Re: 184 new to me

Mon May 21, 2012 1:04 pm

the crank in my 184 also broke after #4 rod just prior to the rear main..
as my other cub has never failed, im wondering if there are imposed stresses when the cast torque tube was ditched in favor of the sheet steel consturction ?

i have no idea what the 184 was been thru in its life, but i have worked the snot out of my earier cub...
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